Man who Exposed Jeremiah Wright picks up on our Malik Obama work

Sean Hannity was the first major media figure to present the racism of Barack Obama’s pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, to the American people back in March of 2007. However, if you ask him, he will tell you that Erik Rush is responsible for breaking the story. The man known as “The Other Rush” has been following our work on Malik Obama and has been reporting on it quite accurately.

Erik Rush

Erik Rush

Here’s a link to a column by Erik from earlier this week, in which he gives voice to our reporting on Rep. Mike Rogers’ visit to Egypt as well as that country’s case against Malik Obama. He also presents our findings on the dealings of Rep. David Dreier and Ahmed Aleiba.

Back on February 5, Erik shows us he fully understands the implications of the IRS angle when it comes to Malik Obama and seems to be in agreement with us that national media / Congress has been given all the proof needed to run with the story / investigate it. The Other Rush writes:

Shoebat’s new report is comprehensive, but is by no means the smoking gun one would hope Congress (or at least Republicans in Congress) would display with relish as affirmation of the president’s collusion with international terrorists. Why do I say this? Because this evidence is but one of many smoking guns littering the political landscape that American lawmakers and the press have refused to even look at, let alone pick up and brandish for all the world to see.

The Other Rush picked up our work some time ago (here and here). He’s also very good about citing us, which we very much appreciate. There are few things more enraging than having your hard work stolen. Sadly, people with the integrity and character to cite their sources are increasingly harder to find but that’s another story and it doesn’t involve Erik Rush.

Believe it or not, we have actually been told by Beltway insiders that our evidence is not enough to grab the attention of Congress. Why? Because we have not presented evidence that Malik was personally involved in funding terrorist organizations, even though he leads at least one of the organizations that does it.

That’s called rationalizing inaction.

As was the case with Jeremiah Wright, the Other Rush has another big fish of a story on his line. He’s right to be following this and Hannity should listen to him again. Erik has certainly earned a little cred with the Fox News Channel host.

We know Hannity has the story; his producers have acknowledged it to us.

Here is an interview Hannity did with Erik in 2010, during which Rush was introduced as the man who broke the Jeremiah Wright story:



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