The Armies Of The Antichrist Are Near, And Russia Will Take The Victory (Part 2)

By Walid Shoebat (Exclusive) 



The more history unfolds the more bizarre becomes the interpretations of the Prophecy mania crowd who say that an Islamic coalition would someday partner with Russia (Ezekiel 38) and such battle by this Russian-Islamic coalition would simply be a prelude to quickly be destroyed in order to usher in the real threat, Europe (the Beast) headed by a European Antichrist. All of the sudden Christian fundamentalist Russia will unite with fundamentalist Turkey, Iran, and North Africa? This is absurd.

Its especially absurd when observing how far Christianity has permeated the infrastructures of Russian society, to the point in which Russian police officers receive holy water from priests

…and paratrooper priests who descend from the skies to bring portable churches for the soldiers:

The more serious flaw is discovered when we ask; whose side do we take as Christians. Are the problems in Damascus simply a prophetic time clock to see if Isaiah 17 is around the corner? When it comes to Syria, the United States supports the Free Syrian Army (FSA) over Bashar Al-Assad’s regime; how does attacking Syria’s Bashar Al-Assad who protects the Jewish and Christian community serve our best interests, especially since the FSA and al-Nusra are Al-Qaeda linked and are killing Christians daily? As Christians, the Church needs to look after the safety of Jews and Christians globally as Jesus in Matthew 25 demanded. So crucial is this mission it in fact determines whether we enter or enter not the Kingdom.


AL-Nusra Muslims executing their victims

AL-Nusra Muslims executing their victims




There is a tremendous price to pay when we ignore the suffering Christians. One prophecy mania ‘expert’ named Joel Rosenberg even proclaims judgment on the wrong side. Rosenberg writes, “The innocent blood shed by the Assad regime is reprehensible and heart-breaking and is setting the stage for a terrible judgment.”

These are the people Bashar al-Assad is killing

These are the people Bashar al-Assad is killing

And we ask: was it Assad or the FSA that shed the innocent blood of the Christians in Syria?

It is not new that such false teachers always take the side of the enemies of Christianity; supporting the rebels against Assad is the end of the Christians in Syria.

Christian man in Syria who had a crucifix burned on his face by Muslims

Christian man in Syria who had a crucifix burned on his face by Muslims


How is attacking Russia, Syria’s ally calling it “Gog and Magog” serves anyone’s interests but the liberals and the Islamists? What we see in the Middle East is not the end, but the beginning of an end. It is pre-mature to start making proclamations and judgments.

Standing against the protectors of Christians goes contrary to Christ’s wisdom: “So if Satan fights against himself, that will be the end of him.” (Mark 3:26)

Christ gives us a keen method how to track evil.



Rosenberg has set his eyes against Putin with the same venom as the liberals. There is little difference on how liberals view Putin than the American prophecy mania crowd. Rosenberg’s blog tracks Putin calling him “Tzar Putin” for expanding Russia’s power as if dictatorship is always of the devil and that democracy is always of God. But isn’t there something to rejoice over Russia’s progress in moving from Communism to Christianity? My son Theodore expressed his view regarding the folly of prophecy analysts:

I am elated at seeing the apostolic zeal of the Russian people, how they have arisen from the abyss of atheism, to the glory of orthodoxy. And as I am uplifted with hope on the aspiring restoration of glorious Christendom, I cannot help but laugh remembering what foolishness Joel Rosenberg spouted talking to Glenn Beck who by Christian standards is theologically a heretic, speaking against the Russian Orthodox Church and Putin as being like Gog in the Bible. I remember Beck’s empty words “… Is Putin possibly Gog? And what is he doing? What`s — what`s happening with religion in Russia now?”

Rosenberg during the interview with Beck described Putin as “Gog-esque,” and even complimented the liberal New York Times, not for any statements in which Putin was attacking Israel, but for placing Orthodox Christianity as the religion of the nation.


While some might criticize us for calling Beck a heretic,  such critique needs to review Rosenberg and Beck’s claim that Putin is “Gog-esque”, when in fact, if we apply the standards of heresy, Putin would not be considered a heretic by Orthodox standards while Beck follows the Mormon heresy; Beck publically denounced the Trinity to several evangelical leaders on his show and they still said he was “Christian”. This while all 4 verses in the Bible regarding Antichrist, all of them state that Antichrist denies the Trinity. So by biblical standards, Beck is of the spirit of Antichrist.

Also, it would be wiser to realize that the Liberal New York Times which Rosenberg compliments knows what it’s doing to advance the cause of evil and is how Rosenberg inadvertently supports the liberal agenda.