The Coming Slaughter Of Christians That Will Be Being Done By Hindu Savages

By Theodore Shoebat

The crazies in the West want us to think that Hinduism is all about transcendent and mystical ideas, inner peace and never ending compassion and love. If the left wing professors got Islam wrong, what makes you think they have Hinduism right?

They don’t. And soon the world will see the violent and cruel nature of Hinduism in its fullest extent, now that the Hindu savage Narendra Modi is leader of India. One pastor, Ronald John, forewarned on the coming persecution of Christians under Modi:

persecution of Christians will increase under the BJP-led government… Christians already are gripped with fear and concern over the election results. Hindu nationalist groups will take advantage of the situation and use it to attack churches and members of the Christian community

There has always been persecution against Christians in India, lets not forget that St. Thomas was murdered by Hindus. Under Modi we will see not just confident and empowered Hindu mobs (as in the past), but major systematic persecution of Christians by the state. CA Daniel, president of the National Congress of Indian Christians, prognosticated:

There will be stringent rules and legislation restricting Christians and the exercise of the freedom of faith

The modern massacres of Christians has never the left the memory of India’s Christians. In 2007 and 2008 the Hindus murdered 120 Christians, destroyed 300 churches, and obliterated 6000 Christian homes. Lets not forget that the Hindus also seized a nun, raped her, and then paraded her through the streets in humiliation, as reported. Dr John Dayal, secretary general of the All India Christian Council, said:

We will have to find out how we can tell the new government [about] our problems and fears, our expectations of a strong secular government, and hold it accountable for its misdeeds whenever it falters in giving [Christians] security and the freedom of faith

William Stark, who words of ICC, said:

Forced conversion laws manipulated to attack Christian pastors and a climate of impunity for perpetrators of violence against Christians has been a hallmark of BJP rule at the state level…
This must not be allowed to take hold in India’s national government. Positive action must be taken to ensure the rights of all of India’s citizens, including Christians, are respected and enforced.

Hindu persecution of Christians will be allowed, encouraged, and organized by the Indian government. What people must focus on is not just the Hindu government, but the Hindu religion itself. Within Hinduism there is an abstract justification for murder that makes no sense, and is nonexistent in Christianity. In Hinduism, to kill an enemy is not murder, because the one killed has an eternal soul that lives on. To kill is not to kill, as we read in the Bhagavad Gita:

Therefore, great warrior, carry on thy fight. If any man thinks he slays, and if another thinks he is slain, neither knows the ways of truth. The Eternal in man cannot kill: the Eternal in man cannot die. …When a man knows him as never-born, everlasting, never-changing, beyond all destruction, how can that man kill a man, or cause another to kill? (Gita, 2.19, 21, trans. Juan Mascaro, ellipses and bolding mine)

In the same Hindu text the concept of Karma is used by Krishna as a means to killing as he exhorts war and slaughter, dispelling the leftist idea that Karma and Krishna are both “peaceful.” It reads:

Arise therefore! Win thy glory, conquer thine enemies, and enjoy thy kingdom. Through the fate of their Karma I have doomed them to die: be thou merely the means of my work. (Ibid, 11.33)

The Hindu savages see Christians as their enemies, and they believe that their demonic god, Krishna, is behind them in their slaughter of the innocent, just as Muslims believe that Allah is with them when they shed the blood of the saints.

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