China Arrests Twenty-Five Muslim Women For Wearing Hijab, Muslims Try To Fight But Chinese Kill 2 Of Them

By Theodore Shoebat

China has arrested up to twenty-five Muslim women for wearing hijabs, or the Islamic veil. As has reported, the Chinese government recently outlawed the Muslim veil and Islamic beard, and now they are seriously taking this law into action.

The Uyghur Muslims were furious on account of the arrests, and so they conducted a protest in Alaqagha township in Aksu prefecture’s Kucha county . The Muslims threatened to storm a government building; their numbers swelled quickly to about a thousand people. The Chinese, in the attempt to placate the crowd, actually released the veiled woman, but still this did not work, and the crowd got even more aggressive. As one local village chief, Tuniyaz Memet, said:

But the people still continued to express their anger … throwing stones, bottles, and bricks into the building’s courtyard

It was in this point when the Chinese took things seriously. Security forces arrived at the scene, and at first, merely began to shoot in the air. This proved to be useless. The authorities had no choice but to resort to force, and opened fire on the crowd, killing two people.

Gunfire was heard throughout the day and even unto the evening, with Chinese authorities doing house searches looking for protestors whose photos were taken by security cameras. In the end they managed to arrest 100 Muslims. The Muslims in China are expressing their rage, as one report states:

Uyghur rights groups accuse the Chinese authorities of heavy-handed rule in Xinjiang, including curbs on Islamic practices and the culture and language of the Uyghur people.

Many Uyghurs say headscarves are a marker of Uyghur rather than Muslim identity. Chinese authorities, however, discourage the wearing of headscarves, veils, and other Islamic dress in the region.

“For the world community, it may be hard to believe that officials are involving themselves in people’s personal lives like this,” said exile World Uyghur Congress president Rebiya Kadeer, speaking to RFA in an interview.

“But this is the reality—not just in Kucha, but elsewhere in East Turkestan,” said Kadeer, using the name preferred by many Uyghurs for their ancestral homeland.

And though state-controlled media in China were quick to report an attack on Thursday in the Xinjiang capital Urumqi that left 31 dead, they ignored Tuesday’s “bloody incident in Kucha,” Kadeer said.

Media must display “objectivity and impartiality” in their coverage of the region, she said.

Chinese authorities blamed suicide bombers for the attack at a crowded market in Urumqi that also injured 94.

Authorities in Xinjiang on Friday announced a one-year anti-terrorism campaign in response to the Urumqi attack, the deadliest violence to hit the region since ethnic riots in July 2009 left 200 dead, the official Xinhua news agency reported.

Since the recent attack by Muslims in China in which they butchered 31 people,
China has established a “one-year crackdown” to rid themselves of the problem and prevent further violence. Numerous Muslim business owners and being forced to go back to their hometowns, as one local named Zhou said:

Every workplace has stepped up security measures, and there are riot police and armed police patrolling the streets,” Zhou said.

A lot of stallholders and shop owners are being told to go back to their hometowns… They have already been issued with a notice, which was posted this afternoon.

There is popular support for the crackdown on Muslims. the Xinjiang Daily newspaper expressed its support against the Islamic separatism going on in China:

There is no popular support for separatism, nor for those who create chaos and destroy stability…We must stick to our ‘strike hard’ policy and keep up the pressure right to the end

I hope one day that China becomes a Christian nation, and then it can vanquish the Islamic threat for the advancement of the Holy Cross, and in the end help fight the Antichrist for the glory of Christendom.

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