State Department sides with Deserter and Deserts Hero

U.S. Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, who has served with honor and distinction, was arrested more than two months ago after accidentally crossing the border into Mexico with three of his legally owned guns. Bowe Bergdahl was a deserter who has the blood of fellow American soldiers on his hands because they were killed in action looking for him. Bergdahl is the man who was freed courtesy of negotiations with the Taliban.

Psaki: Elevates deserter, denigrates real Marine.

Psaki: Elevates deserter, denigrates real Marine.

Yet, Tahmooressi continues to sit in a Mexican prison, where he is being treated as a hardened criminal. When State Department spokesman Jen Psaki was asked about why Bergdahl could be freed and Tahmooressi cannot, Psaki delivered a rather unintelligible answer while using a false premise to make a distinction without a difference.

The false premise is that Bergdahl was not a deserter. Psaki again makes the claim that he was “taken while in combat” and then egregiously throws Tahmooressi under the bus by implying that the administration is deferring to Mexican authorities who are “accusing” Tahmooressi of “violating the law”.

After Psaki makes that pathetic attempt to paint the Tahmooressi and Bergdahl cases as being completely different, the reporter follows up with a comment about exchanging five cartel members for Tahmooressi. Understandably, Psaki had no response… and didn’t give one.

Clearly lost on Psaki is that one of the reasons Mexican authorities might be so sensitive about Americans taking guns into Mexico likely has to do with Operation Fast and Furious. It was a gun-walking operation run by the Obama administration itself, to Eric Holder’s Justice Department, Janet Napolitano’s DHS, the ATF, the DEA, and even Psaki’s State Department.

As for “violating the law”, the real criminals in Fast and Furious are Obama administration officials that ran the operation. Hundreds of Mexicans – and counting – along with Border Patrol agent Brian Terry are victims of an administration agenda to create the climate for more gun control.

In fact, Rep. Connie Mack managed to corner former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as to the State Department’s role in Fast and Furious. Had Clinton answered Mack’s question, she would have necessarily implicated herself or Eric Holder.

She didn’t answer the question but it was obvious why:


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