Lois Lerner Points Finger at Eric Holder

On Today’s Ben Barrack Show…

Segment 1: Former IRS official Lois Lerner may be getting ready to crack. On May 10, 2013, the mainstream media pivoted away from the increasingly hot Benghazi scandal over to the IRS scandal after Lerner was asked a question by a subordinate Lerner planted. Little did anyone know that not only would the IRS scandal not go away but that it may be worse for the administration. Lerner became the face of the scandal; she was thrown under the Obama bus.

Recently, when it was discovered that Lerner’s emails are “lost” because of a computer crash, she was again thrown under the bus. Why? Because of a law that says IRS officials must print all copies of their emails. This apparently is a law Lerner herself has broken because she didn’t print those emails. In a recent interview, Lerner’s attorney, William Taylor III said that Lerner didn’t print the emails because “she didn’t know” she had to.

Uh, that won’t work, especially when we’re talking about the standard people like Lois Lerner holds the American people to. According to POLITICO:

The Federal Records Act requires agencies to back up all “business” correspondence — anything dealing with policy or operations, for instance. And while the IRS says it’s up to employees to print off hard copies of official emails and file them, Taylor said Lerner did not because she “did not think it was required.”

Of course, the issue of printed emails wouldn’t exist had the administration not destroyed the emails not been “lost”.

Lerner’s attorney is seeing that Lerner is being set up to take one mighty big fall. The next case in point has to do with her sending confidential taxpayer information to the FBI, which is itself a crime. This is obviously something the administration wants to pin on Lerner. Unfortunately for them, her attorney isn’t permitting it:

Oversight GOP has also hit Lerner for giving 1.1 million pages of tax return data about 501(c)(4) organizations to the FBI just before the 2010 midterms — 33 tax returns that included unlawfully disclosed private taxpayer information.

Taylor said Lerner didn’t know and sent them because Justice requested the documents: “She [understood] the donor information on Schedule B had been removed. In some cases, we later learned, it may not have been.”

Of course, this would provide one prime example why Eric Holder is not prosecuting Lerner. Despite, this House Speaker is not ordering the Sergeant at Arms to arrest either Holder or Lerner. Both are subject to Boehner’s order to do so because both have been found in contempt of Congress.

Segment 2 (25:20 mark): Nancy Pelosi says the flood of illegal alien children on U.S. southern border is a “crisis” that should be exploited “used as an opportunity”. She also says that every child carries with him or her a “spark of divinity”.

Interesting how a pro-abort like Pelosi wants to talk about sparks of divinity. Someone needs to hold her feet to the fire about when that “spark” starts. By definition, the act of conception is itself a “spark” in quite the literal sense.

Segment 3 (36:45 mark): Reliable sources are saying that the arrest of Benghazi suspect Ahmed Abu Khattallah is “political” and that he is no big fish. It’s also been learned that the landlord of the villas and the CIA Annex where four Americans were killed – Mohammed al-Bishari – is a person of interest who knows far more than has been previously reported.

Again, however (and quite conspicuously), neither the media or politicians are calling attention to the involvement of Egyptians in the attack. It is difficult to speculate as to why but one of the reasons very well could bet that doing so would implicate Mohammed Mursi who – at the time – was the head of a nation state. That would make the Benghazi attacks an act of war perpetrated by a sovereign nation.

To boot, it would make it much more difficult for the Obama administration to argue that the Muslim Brotherhood leaders currently in jail and facing death sentences, should be released.



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