Six Muslim Men Dress As Police Officers, Take Pregnant Woman, And Gang Rape Her In The Middle Of A Public Street

By Theodore Shoebat

Six Muslim men in Kabul, Afghanistan, dressed themselves as police officers, went into a busy street and ambushed a car, attacking the men and seizing the women, one of whom was pregnant. They then began to gang rape all of them, even the pregnant woman, in public view. The victims were coming back from a wedding party. The six rapists were subsequently arrested. As we read from one statement:

The incident, in which four women were gang-raped in a busy Kabul street shocked Afghanistan’s conservative society and there have been calls for the culprits to be publicly executed.

The men, who were allegedly wearing police uniform, stopped and looted four cars, attacked the men and raped the women — including one who was pregnant. The victims were leaving a wedding party.

Kabul Police Chief Gen. Zahir Zahir presented the arrested men to a press conference, claiming the arrests would allow him to sleep normally for the first time since the incident.

Zahir said some of the men were trying to escape to Iran but were caught in the southeastern province Ghazni after three others, arrested in Kabul last week, tipped the police off about the rest of the gang.

The police chief said that the victims were both too fearful and ashamed of the attack to publicly lodge a complaint but that medics had confirmed the sexual assault took place.

“It is beyond my imagination to understand how could these offenders keep torturing poor women for hours while keeping their male relatives bound,” he said.

Kabulites have complained that street crime been increasing in the capital and surrounding districts but this incident is still considered highly unusual.

Police sources told the Anadolu Agency that the arrested men were members of a larger gang, with known criminal records, responsible for numerous robberies.

This is the result of sharia law, and an overly sexualized cult ruling over society.



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