Head of Huma Abedin Defender Ben Affleck Nearly Explodes when Liberal Comedian Confronts him with Truth about Islam

The firewall behind the forehead of liberal actor and Huma Abedin defender Ben Affleck was breached by Bill Maher and his guest. It was definitely red alert / all hands on deck inside Affleck’s cranium. Liberals are quite comfortable in the echo chamber of group think where all liberals are in lockstep but in this case, Affleck just couldn’t process the truth and was defensive right out of the gate.

Maher was by far more right than Affleck but in order for him to make Affleck go into full meltdown mode, he and others will have to understand and explain the issue of stealth Muslim Brotherhood infiltration. Affleck is a victim of it, which might help to explain his high level of defensiveness. Back in 2012, he sang the praises of Abedin, referring to her as a ‘good friend’ who was ‘instrumental’ in the production of Affleck’s film ‘Argo’ that was shot inside the State Department.

As Shoebat.com first reported in 2011, Abedin’s mother is a leader with the Muslim Sisterhood; Huma is an alleged stealth jihadist herself.

The other person to watch here is New York Times writer Nicolas Kristof. Like Affleck, Kristof has been duped by Muruna and Muslim Brotherhood stealth. Unlike Affleck, Kristof largely maintained composure. In 2011, Kristoff visited the home of Sondos Asem and wrote a softball piece about the experience. Like Huma, Sondos’ mother Manal Abul Hassan is also a Muslim Sisterhood leader.

If you want to understand the Islamic forces that are gaining strength in Egypt and scaring people here and abroad, let me tell you about my dinner in the home of Muslim Brotherhood activists.

First, meet my hostess: Sondos Asem, a 24-year-old woman who is pretty much the opposite of the stereotypical bearded Brotherhood activist. Sondos is a middle-class graduate of the American University in Cairo, where I studied in the early 1980s (“that’s before I was born,” she said wonderingly, making me feel particularly decrepit).

She speaks perfect English, is writing a master’s thesis on social media, and helps run the Brotherhood’s English-language Twitter feed, @Ikhwanweb.

The Muslim Brotherhood has emerged as the dominant political party in parliamentary voting because of people like Sondos and her family. My interviews with supporters suggest that the Brotherhood is far more complex than the caricature that scares many Americans.

Sondos rails at the Western presumption that the Muslim Brotherhood would oppress women. She notes that her own mother, Manal Abul Hassan, is one of many female Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated candidates running for Parliament.

While Maher and his guest were correct to focus on the ideology and doctrine of Islam instead of Muslims specifically, they appear to be ignorant of the tactic known as Muruna, which gets to the heart of why Affleck and Kristof have been so successfully co-opted.

As for Michael Steele, he’s just hopeless. He smacks of someone who honestly tried to be a conservative but gave up long ago.

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