Leftist Hatred of Christians and Conservatives Just Like Muslim Hatred of Jews

“We will have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us.” – Golda Meir

Palestinian suicide bombings are the manifestation of a hatred so insidious that it trumps self-preservation. This level of hatred is manifesting itself in different ways in America among leftists, who so worship at the altar of political correctness, manufactured racism, and hatred for Christians / conservatives that they would rather put themselves in mortal danger than turn back.

In the case of Ebola, a contagious and deadly virus for which there is no cure, an infected Liberian man successfully transports himself to Dallas, TX and later dies from the disease. One of the hospital employees who treated him has now contracted the virus. It is a virus that does not attack based on the ideology of its victims.

Yet, race-baiting leftists would rather focus their energy on politicizing it than on sealing the U.S. borders or insisting on travel restrictions. The argument coming from the likes of Jesse Jackson and Dallas Country Commissioner John Wiley Price – who was once hilariously offended by the term ‘black hole’ – is that because the victim from Liberia was black, he was given a lesser priority and died because of racism.

If that were true – and it is not – both Price and Jackson are in more danger of dying from Ebola than are white people. One would think that would give them even more incentive to keep Ebola out of the country. The truth is that racism had nothing to do with it; and these two clowns who happen to be black know that.

Conclusion: Hatred trumps self-preservation.

Border Crisis
Earlier this year, the U.S. southern border with Mexico was flooded by illegal alien children from Central America. Leftist politicians like Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) and Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) wanted as many of them to come in as possible, regardless of the health of these children, many of whom were already infected with very serious and communicable diseases. As it turned out, these children – many of whom are actually gang members just shy of their 18th birthdays – were processed and covertly dropped off in cities all across America.

The cities where they went are home to both liberals and conservatives. Yet, it’s the liberals who see the opportunity to leverage the crisis to their political advantage. Congressmen like Gutierrez and Pelosi see future Democratic voters. Their left-wing lemmings follow blindly along despite the increased danger to themselves.

Whether these illegal aliens are carrying diseases or murderous intentions common to gang members, the threat they pose is to leftists too.

As for Gutierrez, if he were so concerned for the welfare of “Latinos” (his default argument), why has he expressed NO concern for the “Latino” victims of Operation Fast and Furious? That was an Obama administration program led by Eric Holder’s Justice Department that intentionally put high-powered weapons into the hands of drug cartels, who then proceeded to use those weapons to murder hundreds (and counting) of Mexican “latinos”. Not only is there no outrage from Gutierrez directed at Holder of the Obama administration but leftists in general defend the administration.

Conclusion: Hatred and politics trump self-preservation.

Gutierrez: Stands up for innocent latinos unless they're Fast and Furious victims.

Gutierrez: Stands up for innocent latinos unless they’re Fast and Furious victims.

Another threat to America is the Islamic State and its terrorist members. Again, leftists don’t seem to care much about dealing with it because their opponents do seem to. As is the case with Ebola, ISIS poses a very real threat to the homeland thanks in large part to a porous border. Yet, leftists want to keep the border wide open.

As is the case with Ebola, ISIS doesn’t care about the ideology of its victims. Just look at the four Westerners it publicly beheaded for YouTube. Each one of them was from the left end of the political spectrum. Yet, this doesn’t seem to phase leftists in the U.S. It’s much more important for them to see those of us who have been warning about the dangers of the Islamic ideology remain frustrated; it fuels their hatred.

Need more evidence? How about the Ferguson riots that took place earlier this year. After a white police officer told a black man to get out of the street and on the sidewalk, something happened and the black man ended up dead. The fact remains, however, that had the black man just listened to the police officer and gotten onto the sidewalk, he’s still be alive and he would have been safer that day because he would have been… out of the street.

Despite all this, one Ferguson resident donned a t-shirt that said he’d rather be stopped by ISIS – which would cut his head off – than by a Ferguson police officer that would tell him that as long as he’s a pedestrian, he should not walk in traffic:

This man would rather get beheaded than be told to stop walking in traffic.

This man would rather get beheaded than be told to stop walking in traffic.

Conclusion: Hatred for whites, conservatives and Christians trumps self-preservation.

When Obamacare was signed into law in 2010, its advocates were overwhelmingly leftists. They rejoiced in the defeat of their conservative opponents. As time has passed, it has become increasingly more obvious that Obamacare will lead to higher costs, inferior care, and even death panels.

Perhaps nothing better illustrates the left’s penchant for a lack of compassion or desire for self-preservation than when Democrat Robert W. Reich told a student body at Berekely that the ideal scenario for health care would lead to more death; the crowd cheered:

Conclusion: Misery of others trumps self-preservation.

IRS Scandal
Leftists are so blinded by their hatred for conservatives that they are more interested in defending the IRS actions against conservatives than look at all the Muslim Brotherhood front groups in the U.S. with tax-exempt status. Members of these Muslim Brotherhood front groups actually support the idea of a Caliphate and subjecting the U.S. to Sharia law.

Such a scenario would definitely spell trouble for leftists.

The brother of the President of the United States – Malik Obama – received 501(c)(3) status from Lois Lerner. Not only was Malik’s approval letter illegally backdated but he has been connected to the government of Sudan, a State Sponsor of Terrorism. The President of Sudan – Omar al-Bashir – has committed mass genocide against… wait for it… blacks.

The “white” Lois Lerner granted Malik Obama’s Foundation tax-exempt status that ultimately benefits al-Bashir as it does Malik.

Yet, leftists reserve their ire for conservative groups who were illegally denied their tax-exempt status.

Conclusion: Inflicting pain on conservatives trumps helping blacks in Sudan or protecting leftists from Muslim Brotherhood infiltration and ultimately, subjugation.

Death of unborn trumps responsibility to care for your child. Again, leftists also seem to revel in the pain this causes conservatives.

’nuff said.

Just some anecdotal evidence from more than three decades ago. Jim Jones, a Marxist who ingratiated himself with the Democratic Party portrayed himself as a Christian pastor. He befriended leftists and Muslims as well. After fleeing to Guyana, South America with his cult, Jones was visited by Democratic congressman Leo Ryan on a fact-finding mission.

Democrat Jim Jones with Democrat Jerry Brown.

Democrat Jim Jones with Democrat Jerry Brown.

Ryan never got out of Guyana alive. Jones sent his thugs out to kill Ryan and his delegation as they attempted to return to the states. While Ryan was killed, his young female assistant Jackie Speier survived after being shot multiple times. Today, Speier is a Democratic congressman. Shockingly, she’s also a Democrat who supports gun control without having a clue what that would mean.

After the thugs returned from assassinating Ryan, Jones ordered his entire flock to drink cyanide-laced Kool-Aid; all did.

Conclusion: Insanity trumps self-preservation with leftists.

Pick your Poison
It doesn’t matter what political issue you examine. Just pick a card, any card (especially the race card). Leftists have the mentality of suicide bombers to varying degrees. That mentality is perfectly encapsulated by the famous quote attributed to Meir.

Applying it to America, it might read something like:

“We will have peace with leftists when they prioritize self-preservation above hatred for conservatives and Christians.”

Leftists certainly seem to enjoy defeating their opponents more than they do staying alive.


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