O My, Another Ebola Case In Texas

By Walid Shoebat

Told ya, this Ebola will spread regardless of what they tell you in the media of how advanced we are, people are like sitting ducks unless Obama does something like stop people coming from infected countries, this disease will spread. Now:

“A Texas health care worker who provided care for the Ebola patient who died there last week tested positive for the deadly virus — and sent health officials scrambling Sunday to determine how she became infected.

The woman was among care-givers for Thomas Eric Duncan, who died Wednesday at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital.

Thomas Frieden, head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said Sunday his agency will investigate how a worker in full protective gear contracted the virus.

“At some point there was a breach in protocol,” Frieden said. “That breach in protocol resulted in this infection.”

Ya sure!

“Frieden cited four steps being taken by the CDC: ensuring the woman is cared for safely; identifying her contacts; treating all health care workers who cared for Duncan as having potentially been exposed; and reviewing procedures used to protect health care workers who treat Ebola patients.

Frieden called the positive test “very concerning” but stressed that the protocols for caring for Ebola patients are safe if done properly. He said that removing the gear incorrectly, for example, raises risk.”

This is what they like to tell you, just take it easy, everything is under control, except of course, God only knows who else this poor American nurse gave the disease to.

“This tells us there is a need to enhance training and to make sure protocols are followed,” he said..

Really? The U.S. lacks “training” or os it that disease simply does what a disease does–spreads.

He said the CDC will study ways of reducing the number of health care workers involved in treatment, reducing medical procedures — noting that kidney dialysis, for example, could increase risk — and having a monitor on site to ensure that protocols are followed.

Who then will treat them? The veterinarian? Expensive experts? This country is going mad.

“The woman reported having a fever Friday night and was hospitalized, isolated and referred for testing within 90 minutes, Clay Jenkins, Dallas County’s chief executive and its Homeland Security director, said at a news conference.

“While this is obviously bad news, it is not news that should bring about panic,” Jenkins said. “We knew it was a possibility that a second person would contract the virus. We had a contingency plan in place.”

The woman, who requested anonymity, was listed in stable condition, Jenkins said.

Dan Varga, chief clinical officer for the hospital group that includes Texas Health Presbyterian, confirmed that the woman had worn full protective gear when working with Duncan.

Gee thanks Obama. Or is this stealth Jihad?

The health care worker is among a few dozen who had contact with Duncan and were self-monitoring — watching for symptoms consistent with early signs of Ebola, Varga said. The monitoring guidelines include taking a temperature twice a day.

 A gun is not protective gear is it?

“That health care worker is a heroic person,” Jenkins said. “Let’s remember as we do our work that this is a real person who is going through a great ordeal, and so is that person’s family.”

Indeed she is, but the system that was meant to protect her is cowardly.

Last week, the hospital defended the quality of care it provided Duncan, saying treatment was not affected by the man’s nationality or lack of health insurance.

The usual “worry about racism” “forget everything else”.

“Our care team provided Mr. Duncan with the same high level of attention and care that would be given any patient, regardless of nationality or ability to pay for care,” the hospital said in a statement from its director of public relations, Wendell Watson.

This country is gone mad!

Ebola is spread through direct contact with bodily fluids of a sick person or exposure to contaminated objects such as needles. People are not contagious before symptoms such as fever develop.

Don’t forget sweat which sticks everywhere.