Man Threatened With Beheading For “Supporting Our Troops”

We all heard about the warning against wearing military uniform in public in Denmark, but when I went training as a volunteer in our National Guard this Sunday, I decided to keep my military uniform on and bicycled 15 km across Copenhagen just to show people on the street that we should not be afraid to show that we support and protect our fellow non-Muslims. The day before this happened:

(Left: “Support our troops” bow, right: Benjamin O. Yeh)

“It has consequences if you support Danish soldiers in public. Benjamin O. Yeh, spokesman for the Danish war veterans, experienced this himself on a Saturday morning in Copenhagen.

On the back of his car is a yellow bow with the words ‘Support our troops’, and Saturday it led to threats and spit in the street.

“Take that bow of. I swear I’ll cut your throat and your friends!”

That was the message out of the car window of the car that drove up beside Benjamin O. Yeh Saturday morning in Frederiksberg in Copenhagen.”