Propaganda Wars and Deceit between ISIS and Turkey Heat Up

Turkey wants Syria’s Bashar al-Assad gone. It wants the U.S. to help do it. A majority of U.S. politicians shockingly seem to want to oblige but generating the political will for this least advisable option has been difficult. Instead of getting the message, they just keep pressing. As the propaganda wars between ISIS and Turkey escalate – and they are escalating – the removal of Assad becomes even less advisable for U.S. interests. Nonetheless, Muslim Brotherhood agents are pulling as many levers as they can to make that happen and members of Congress – from both sides of the aisle – continue to go along.

Perhaps ISIS Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is tired of being told his group is not Islamic despite his PhD in Islamic Studies; or maybe he’s tired of being told that his little Caliphate has nothing on the real one reserved for Turkey. Perhaps it’s all one big act of deceitful collaboration in a game of good cop / bad cop; or maybe it’s a combination of all of those things. In any event, the ISIS propaganda video below provides a nice bit of saber-rattling for public consumption as ISIS is threatening to invade Turkey and refers to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as the ‘Caliph of the Muslim Brotherhood’ (h/t BNI):

The enmity displayed between ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood is not new but it’s also not easy for many to comprehend as ISIS fighters have been allowed to set up shop in Turkey. As has reported, ISIS has a Consulate in Ankara and 700 bureaus stationed near mosques across the country. As has also reported, ISIS took great offense when Brotherhood spiritual leader Yusuf al-Qaradawi visited Turkey in August to declare the ISIS Caliphate null and void. ISIS responded by outwardly declaring war on the Brotherhood and Hamas, referring to them as “apostates”.

The loyalty of fighters hangs in the balance as well. Any showdown between al-Baghdadi and Erdogan will result in ISIS fighters switching sides when a victor is determined. When Erdogan wins that showdown, the decision for all those ISIS jihadists already in Turkey will be made all the more easier. Many of the ISIS fighters in Turkey are living rather opulent lifestyles with access to mosques and relative freedom of movement. has also reported on the ISIS recruiting efforts inside Turkey, on public transport buses, in broad daylight:

To what extent is the loyalty of ISIS soldiers inside Turkey for sale or already bought?

U.S. politicians should be engaged in more critical thinking here but groupthink has been known to make individually intelligent men much less so.

The question these politicians should be asking is: As Turkey’s help in fighting ISIS is sought by the U.S., why are ISIS fighters allowed to roam freely inside Turkey? Never mind that, they say, Assad must go. That plan was implemented in Libya but even after four Americans died in Benghazi and the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli had to be abandoned, these politicians want to replicate that disastrous plan in Syria.

In Syria, Al-Baghdadi’s ISIS is on par with a bully who has had so many successes in a row that haughtiness leads to a sense of invincibility. Such things usually lead to a tremendous lack of perspective as well. The Islamic State (ISIS) is a Caliphate in its infancy. The forces at work inside Turkey are working toward the implementation of the remaining years of a 100-year plan as the Brotherhood was created in the 1920’s with that plan in mind. It’s simply not going to sit back and watch this ISIS bunch have a wild hair and declare a Caliphate in 2014.

Turkey has spent more than a decade aggressively and stealthily transforming from a secular Middle Eastern ally of the west to an Islamic, Middle Eastern superpower that still claims the second largest military in NATO. Shockingly, it still is a member of NATO despite all that.

Nonetheless, Erdogan – himself a student of Hitler – has been weaving an incredibly deceptive web.

As has recently reported, the Brotherhood is engaged in some propaganda of its own and American politicians are falling for it. Turkey is currently working hand-in-glove with the Brotherhood, to include individuals and groups in the U.S. to generate the political will in the west to finally remove Bashar al-Assad from power; it would much rather deal with ISIS in a Syria without Assad.

Turkey continues to sit on the sideline that is its border with Syria. A sense of desperate urgency is building among U.S. politicians to deal with ISIS while relying on Turkey’s help. Signs point to Turkey making that help conditional on Assad’s removal, which is increasing U.S. urgency. As reported yesterday, the U.S. State Department will be displaying photos purported to be of the Assad regime’s atrocities committed against Syrian rebels. The veracity of the photos aside, this is a propaganda campaign designed to generate the political will to remove Assad.

The timing of this announcement is suspicious as the photos are not new; they were smuggled out of Syria over a year ago. The man who smuggled them testified in a closed-door session with the House Foreign Affairs Committee this past July. Yet, all of a sudden, some of the photos are being displayed at the holocaust museum and the photos are suddenly newsworthy at a crucial time in Syria.

At the July hearing, seated next to the man who smuggled those photos is none other than Mouaz Mostafa, Executive Director of the Syrian Emergency Task Force (SETF); he is a man with extensive connections to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Once again, the desire of U.S. politicians to do something – anything – is overriding a more sensible desire to not be played for fools.


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