As ISIS Getting Closer to Baghdad, Obama Administration Officials Sounding like ‘Baghdad Bob’

Watching this almost makes you feel bad for Defense Department Spokesman John Kirby, who was asked to respond to claims by Senator John McCain that ISIS is winning the fight against the U.S.-led coalition. McCain’s schizophrenic ideas that removing Bashar al-Assad from power would actually make the fight easier aside, Kirby takes a while to gather himself. Early on in his response, you can almost sense that he wants to just walk away from the podium:

Of course, the irony in all of this is that as ISIS continues its march toward Baghdad and Obama’s ‘strategy’ is proving to be a miserable failure, anyone who is being asked to defend it actually sounds like Baghdad Bob. There have been countless comparisons to Baghdad Bob over the years. What makes this one even more salient is that we’re actually talking about… Baghdad:


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