Man Restores A One Thousand Year Old Church, And Gets Death Threats From Satanists

By Theodore Shoebat

A Man in Britain has used his money to resort a thousand year old church, and for this he has received death threats from satanists who were using the church to conduct their horrid rituals. As one report says:

It has been struck by a German bomb, torn apart by American GIs and left in squalor by a pagan cult.

So when the ruins of an ancient church were discovered in thick woodland by Bob Davey, he could have been forgiven for thinking its fate had already been sealed.
Instead, the determined church warden used his retirement to embark on a 22-year crusade to return the dilapidated building to its former glory – despite receiving a death threat from the cult.

But even he was surprised when his noble DIY effort threw up an unexpected gift, unearthing ancient paintings inside its ivy-covered walls.
The images depict the Holy Trinity and the Last Judgment and are thought to have been created in 1090, soon after the Norman Conquest.

Believed to be the oldest wall paintings in Britain, they have seen the tiny church become an international tourist attraction. They have even earned Mr Davey, 85, an MBE after Prince Charles made several visits to the church.

Mr Davey heard about the tower in 1992 when his late wife Gloria came across it on a ramble near Houghton-on-the-Hill, Norfolk, with her WI group.

There are some beautiful photos of the ancient church. This is a photo of how it looked before its restoration:

old church 1

This is how it looks now:

old church 2

Here is an ancient painting on one of its walls of the souls of the dead going to Heaven:

old church 3

This painting really refutes those heretics who say that the souls goes nowhere until the final judgement. The ancient Christians believed in life after death, and all those who reject eternal life after death are believing in a recent heresy.