Obama Virus Infects Two Mainstream Media Celebrities

When you’re afflicted with the Obama virus, the first symptom is stupidity. In particular, when Obama puts forth an argument that makes no sense, it is the media’s job to challenge the argument. Mainstream media figures, however, have long ago contracted the Obama virus and now the full blown condition of parroting and defending those completely illogical arguments is manifested in two members of that media – Candy Crowley and Andrea Mitchell.

The narrative was set last week by Obama. Ebola needed to come out of the shadows. A travel ban from Ebola-stricken countries would actually cause greater risk because people would practice “broken travel” that would hide their country of origin. It’s a nonsensical argument thanks to little things like passports and visas.

Nonetheless, the liberal media is at worst accepting that narrative and at best, not challenging it. In the case of CNN’s Candy Crowley in her interview with Senator Ted Cruz. While defending the Obama narrative, Crowley accepted an idiotic premise and attempted to challenge Cruz with it. The narrative is so nonsensical, it made Crowley look devoid of intelligence, a clear sign she has contracted the Obama virus.

This video is cued up to start with a clip from CDC Director Thomas Frieden, after which Crowley asks Cruz about Obama’s logic in arguing against a travel ban:

Another media figure with the Obama virus is NBC’s Andrea Mitchell. In this exchange with vacuous White House adviser Ben Rhodes, she brings up the issue of the travel ban but when Rhodes responds with a defense against it completely devoid of logic, Mitchell moves on. Of course, the issue of passports is completely avoided (h/t Breitbart):

Another sign that someone is afflicted with the Obama virus is a desire not to challenge policies that put the very existence of those afflicted, at risk. In the case of Crowley and Mitchell, they seem perfectly content with policies that would facilitate the spread of Ebola in their own country.


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