Muslims Take Seventeen Year Old Boy, And Nail Him To A Metal Crucifix

By Theodore Shoebat

Muslims in Iraq, all members of ISIS, took a seventeen year old boy and nailed him to a metal crucifix:


According to a report:

The Islamic terrorist group ISIS, which has been indiscriminately murdering individuals in Syria and Iraq, publicly executed a 17-year-old boy by crucifixion after the group accused the teen of photographing ISIS military training sites.

According to the International Business Times, ISIS released the disturbing photo of the body of the teen, identified as Abdullah Bushi, nailed to a makeshift metal crucifix near the Syrian city of Aleppo. Around the boy’s neck was a sign claiming that he had been killed for filming ISIS headquarters in exchange for “500 Turkish Liras.” The sign also accused the boy of abandoning the Islamic faith.

Lebanon’s Daily Star reported that the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed the authenticity of the image and determined the brutal execution had taken place.

ISIS is notorious for using cruel and shocking methods for killing individuals, including both beheadings and crucifixion. As with the teen, in June the terrorist group crucified nine men in Aleppo and left their bodies hanging for three days in an effort to intimidate locals.

The International Business Times reported that other shocking images have surfaced of apparent ISIS murders. According to the paper, an image of a baby girl who was about to be beheaded by ISIS members “was found among several photos recovered from the mobile phones of dead fighters in the Syrian town of Kobani. The photo shows the girl pinned to the floor with a knife held close to her throat. It is feared the girl was beheaded along with the other members of her family,” reported the paper.

“Other images found in the phones of dead ISIS fighters also showed beheadings and militants playing ‘football’ with the decapitated heads of their victims,” reported the paper. Kurdish fighters said they found the photos after defending the Syrian town of Kobani, where an estimated 1,100 individuals have been killed in the last two months.

The photo of the child was believed to have been taken over a year ago. The International Business Times noted that “since there were no images of the child’s actual beheading along with her missing body, hope remains that she had eventually escaped death.”