Prominent Left-Wingers Point Finger at Obama for Rise of ISIS in PBS Documentary

A PBS documentary on the Rise of ISIS is quite unflattering to Barack Obama’s role in the growth of the terrorist group. Of course, there’s the issue of pulling U.S. troops out of the region in late 2011. Former Obama Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta has already voiced significant criticism for that (Panetta is also in the PBS documentary) but other prominent left-wing figures point the finger at Obama as well.

For example, consider Kenneth Pollack of the Brookings Institute. Pollack has been a regular attendee at the highly suspect and annual U.S.-Islamic World Forum (US-IWF) in Doha, Qatar. The event is co-sponsored by the Government of Qatar and Brookings. Just last month, as relayed, it was the New York Times that revealed Qatar’s commitment to provide $14.8 million to Brookings.

It was the Daily Beast’s Josh Rogin who reported last June that Qatar is actually funding ISIS, which makes Pollack’s finger-pointing, regardless of who it’s directed at, interesting:

As for the US-IWF, it’s definitely steeped in Clinton connections. As reported, Bill gave the closing address at the very first forum, held in 2004; Hillary has appeared at the forums, as has corrupt thief and former Clinton National Security Advisor Sandy Berger.

Speaking of Berger, he is the Chairman of a company called the Albright Stonebridge Group (ASG); Pollack is a Senior Advisor for ASG.

2008 US-IWF: Susan Rice (L), Sandy Berger (C), and Evan Bayh (R)

2008 US-IWF: Susan Rice (L), Sandy Berger (C), and Evan Bayh (R)

Brookings is also home to a woman named Jennifer Williams, who made news earlier this month when she announced on twitter that after reading the Qur’an, she converted to Islam. In September, Williams wrote an introductory piece at Brookings that promoted and linked to one of Pollack’s articles. In that article, Pollack continued down the same tired path of arguing for the creation of a Syrian opposition army that will fight both Assad and ISIS:

…there is, in fact, a way that the United States could get what it wants in Syria — and, ultimately, in Iraq as well — without sending in U.S. forces: by building a new Syrian opposition army capable of defeating both President Bashar al-Assad and the more militant Islamists. The United States has pulled off similar operations before and could probably do so again, and at far lower cost than what it has spent in Afghanistan and Iraq. Considering the extent to which the Iraqi and Syrian civil wars have become entwined, such a strategy would help secure U.S. interests throughout the Middle East. Indeed, despite its drawbacks, it has become the best option for the United States and the people of Syria and the region.

That is not the answer and benefits one group over all others – the Muslim Brotherhood. Perhaps not so coincidentally, Muslim Brotherhood members, sympathizers, and leaders of Brotherhood front groups have been heavily represented at the US-IWF. Attendees over the years have included Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who shared a stage with 9/11 Commission Executive Director, Philip Zelikow as reported; al-Qaradawi’s deputy Abdallah bin Bayyah has also been a regular. He was in the front row as then Deputy National Security Advisor to Barack Obama Denis McDonough delivered a speech at the 2012 US-IWF. Seated nearby were even more individuals with Muslim Brotherhood membership and connections.

The PBS special is very well produced and does a good job of laying out the history and rise of ISIS. It rightly exposes Obama’s ISIS policy as a disaster but provides a platform for people who are calling for an even worse remedy. The notion that the removal of Assad is a good idea is actually a very bad idea. It’s noteworthy that a liberal outlet (PBS) found liberals and persons who work for other liberal outlets like the New York Times and the New Yorker to be so openly critical of Obama’s ISIS policy.

That should raise flags that a separate agenda exists. Does that agenda include another in a long line of attempts to support Syrian rebels who actually represent the Muslim Brotherhood?

ISIS has declared a Caliphate. Al-Qaradawi traveled to Turkey soon thereafter to tell the world that the next Caliphate will be based in Turkey and that ISIS has no business declaring one. Any policy that calls for the arming of Syrian rebels to fight ISIS and remove Assad plays right into the hands of both Turkey and al-Qaradawi’s Muslim Brotherhood.

Incidentally, Qatar – which is funding Brookings to the tune of $14.8 Million over the next four years – also wishes to see the rise of the Brotherhood in Syria and the removal of Assad.

Here is the full documentary. It gets a lot right but that doesn’t mean there isn’t an agenda at work. There’s one group nodding in approval at this documentary – THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD:


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