Schools React to Muslim Terrorist Attacks By Discouraging Practice of Religion (Including ISLAM)

As Muslim terrorist attacks continue to wreak havoc, destruction and death in northwestern China’s Xinjiang province, school principals are directing schools to “actively discourage” the practice of religion. The downside is that while the practice of Islam is discouraged, so too is all religion, despite the fact that Christianity isn’t the religion that’s breeding terrorists.

Schools in China’s mainly Muslim Xinjiang region, where a series of attacks has left hundreds dead in recent months, said they would actively discourage religious practice at home, state-run media reported Wednesday.

Principals at more than 2,000 kindergartens, primary schools and secondary schools in Kashgar, near China’s border with Pakistan, signed a pledge to “defend schools against the infiltration of religion”, according to a report by the Global Times, which is close to the Communist Party.

Party members, teachers and underage students should not practise religion either at school or at home, it quoted a Kashgar education official as saying.

Xinjiang is home to more than 10 million Muslims, mostly members of the Uighur minority, some of whom chafe under Beijing’s rule. Children younger than 18 are banned from entering mosques throughout the region.

Beijing has blamed a series of recent violent attacks on separatists from Xinjiang motivated by religious extremism, and linked them to overseas groups.

Rights groups accuse China’s government of cultural and religious repression which they say fuels unrest.

Earlier this month, reported on the rising threat to China from Turkish-inspired Uyghurs seeking a Caliphate.

The truth is that the impetus for discouraging all religion in Xinjiang’s schools is Islamic terror attacks. While China may be throwing the baby out with the bathwater here, they are doing something that political correctness will not permit in the West. Maybe they’ll wake up one day, look around, and see that Christianity is not the problem.

Then again, maybe the west will wake up one day, look around, and admit that Islam is a problem.

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