Police Union Head Acknowledges Muslim Threat but Mayor Wants Him to Ignore It

The rise in terrorist attacks in Canada is not coincidence. As Shoebat.com reported, the ISIS Manifesto calls for attacks inside that country as well as in the U.S. and across Europe. More specifically, the attacks are increasingly being targeted at law enforcement.

Understandably, the head of the police union in Montreal, Canada is expressing concerns. As is also tragically typical, Mayors (Bill de Blasio reference) are making life more difficult for police:

The president of Montreal’s police union says officers here are a target for attacks because it’s a “multi-ethnic” city.

Yves Francoeur told Radio-Canada that “police officers are not immune to the possibility of attack because of the ‘multi-ethnic’ character of Montreal.”

When asked about his statements on CBC’s Daybreak, Francoeur said radicalized Islamic attacks are a factor the police need to consider.

He said the police have good relationships with Muslim leaders, but that radical attacks are a concern for the police force.

“We have good co-operation with those communities, who have to face some very extremist individuals in their own communities, but we’re working with them.”

Francoeur said there’s still an ongoing investigation into the man arrested on Friday for allegedly making threats against police, but he believes the man was motivated by religion.

“I know from the investigation, there was a relation with religion, Islamist.”

A spokesman for the Montreal police department has not confirmed that Islam, or any religion, was involved in that arrest.

Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre took to Twitter to call on Francoeur to clarify his comments.

The fact is that the union President in this case is expressing very legitimate concerns while the Mayor would rather see the most likely victims stick their heads in the sand.

Speaking of sand, perhaps the best metaphor to express this dynamic can be found in the movie Jaws. Despite legitimate warnings of a shark attack (Muslim terrorist reference), Mayor Vaughn wants the beach to remain open for the 4th of July, which is sure to bring boatloads of tourists. Police Chief Brody and shark expert Hooper want the beaches closed because they see the real threat, represented by both the shark and the ISIS manifesto:

Then this happened…


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