EGYPT: Naked man brutally beaten and dragged through the streets of Qena

By BI: Bahy Hassan posted a video of a man stripped naked, dragged through the streets of Qena while being kicked and beaten with sticks by local men wearing traditional Egyptian galabeyas. Several onlookers are heard cheering and recording the savagery on their cell phones.


Egyptian Independent  A witness said that the incident occurred a week ago as part of a quarrel between two families in the village of Al-Hugairat, and that the man now is now undergoing treatment in Qena General Hospital, Al-Masry Al-Youm reports.


Authorities say they were not aware of the incident nor did they mention any official investigations currently underway, demonstrating that in poor rural areas in Egypt, such as Qena, tribal and familial rule often run deeper than the government.

Security Director Adel Abdel Moneim said he was never notified of the incident. “I would have moved immediately,” he said, requesting the person who recorded the video to take him to the location for him to arrest the culprits of the crime.