Sexually abused 8-year-old little girl begs Jesus for help in a letter she hid…and he actually responds

By BI:A little girl from Kentucky, who was the repeated victim of sexual assault, poured her heart out to Jesus in an emotional letter. What happened after is nothing short of miraculous, and is an excellent example of just how powerful prayer can be.

MW NEWS  The girl’s incredibly sad story dates back to 2013, when at just 8 years old, she had been the victim of ongoing sexual assault at the hands of a monster in Newport, according to WLWT. The unidentified girl poured her soul in a letter addressed to “Jesus,” police said, and she placed it inside of a Bible at her school, thinking nobody would ever find it.


In October of that year, one of her school administrators came across the letter and immediately alerted police to what they had found. In a later interview, police said the girl was able to recount the horrific abuse that went all of the way back to when she was just 6 years old, and 36-year-old Eric Rivera was responsible for it.

“Every case is hard, but when a child comes so honestly to ask for help from God, it’s a tough, tough thing to swallow,” Asst. Commonwealth Attorney Kate Bennett said.

The abused little girl told police that Rivera would show her pornographic magazines and dirty images on his cell phone, and she was able to describe in detail the locations where they were stashed in his home. A subsequent search of his residence found the items she talked about in the locations she said they would be, along with another 200 more explicit images on his phone.

Rivera was arrested and charged with incest, sodomy, distribution of obscene matter to minors, and sexual abuse. After two years of litigation, he pleaded guilty to the charges, and is awaiting sentencing. He faces a maximum of 25 years behind bars, of which he would have to serve 20 before becoming eligible for parole.

Eric Rivera , paedophile rapist

Eric Rivera , paedophile rapist

“Although 25 years doesn’t seem like enough for the Defendant to serve based on the heinous and unspeakable crimes he committed, it saves the child victim from being further traumatized by reliving her nightmare of abuse,” Bennett said, adding that if the case went to trial, the little girl would have to testify, which would be even more traumatic for her.

“It makes you cry, doesn’t it? It’s hard not to, as a human. Your instinct is to be compassionate and to take care of children,” Bennett said.

Indeed. It’s unclear what Rivera’s relationship with the girl was, however, to be charged with incest says it all. For him to take advantage of the trusting relationship he should have had with her is beyond disturbing, and no, 25 years doesn’t even seem anywhere close enough for this sick pervert to spend behind bars.