“We’re going to ‘Charlie Hebdo’ you, you filthy French sh*t”

By BI: At the recent annual picnic for elderly French veterans of the Algerian War, which is sponsored by the FNACA (Federation of Ex-servicemen in Algeria) in the district of Grandes Terres in Saint-Fons, nothing went as expected: Muslim savages attacked the elderly veterans, many in their 80’s, hurling stones and other projectiles at them.


DMF  When the tables had just been set up in the shade of the trees right next to the city-owned land of a building, a rain of projectiles fell on the guests: empty beer and whisky bottles, broom handles and stones thrown with slingshots.

ISIS tells French jihadis to operate within France, advising them to terrorize the people so that they won’t be able to sleep out of fear and horror.


According to a witness quoted by Le Progrès: ‘We heard them shouting: “We’re going to Charlie Hebdo you, you filthy French sh*t!”

During the incident, a woman in her 80s was transported to Saint-Fons hospital because she was struck in the head by the base of a parasol.  But even as Muslims are massacring non-Muslims, Muslims try to make themselves the victim:

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