Muslims Issue A Bulletin Throughout The City Of Jerusalem Calling On Muslims To Massacre All Of The Christians In Jerusalem By The End Of Ramadan

By Walid Shoebat

In Jerusalem flyers were spread throughout the old city claiming to be ISIS.

The bulletin which had the ISIS logo demanded that all Christian Arabs must leave eastern Jerusalem by the end of Ramadan accused of being “Israeli collaborators”. ISIS also demanded that in the case the Christians refuse to leave that Muslims  in eastern Jerusalem are mandated to kill all the Christians living there.

ISIS letter on Jerusalem Christians

Photo Credit: Islamic State / Jerusalem

Al-Quds (Jerusalem Newspaper), the main Arab newspaper there had posted a reply from Theodosios (Hanna) of Sebastia, the Archbishop from the Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem. In his reply the Archbishop condemned the flyers that were spread throughout the city of Jerusalem. He emphasized the danger of such bulliten since it emphasized on killing church leaders and targeted all churches in Jerusalem’s vicinities and the Christian community in general. He stated that “Christians will not leave this sacred land and will not abandon our Christian belief”.

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While the flyers accused the Christian Arabs of being “Israeli collaborators”, it is noteworthy that the archbishop in his condemnation of the bulletin emphasized his condemnation of Israel insisting that their is a unity between Muslims and Christians in Jerusalem which is determined to fight against what he termed “the Israeli occupation”.

We have emphasized for years that Arab Christians, especially in the Holy land, have harbored hatred towards Israel. They will in the future be severely persecuted by Muslims regardless of whom they collaborate with, Israel or Palestine. Sooner or later, such ignorance from Christian Arabs will be resolved when Muslims do begin to behead Christians who were fed the anti-Zionism agenda.