TUNISIA, site of the latest Muslim terrorist attack which resulted in the slaughter of 39 European Christian tourists asks: “Would you stop visiting New York, London, Paris…?”

By BI: A provocative advertising campaign featuring images of terror attacks in Western capitals urges European, mainly Christian, tourists not to abandon Tunisia in the wake of two Muslim terrorist attacks directed specifically at foreign tourists.


Independent  The campaign, launched by a Tunisian communications firm, asks “would you stop visiting” alongside images of London during the 7/7 bombings, New York during the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Centre and a placard signifying the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris. A caption reads “Support Tunisia, land of ‘peace.’”


The question should be, why would you choose to vacation in a Muslim country in the first place? If you do that in this day and age, you deserve what you get.

Tunisia suffered its own terror attack just over a week ago when an Islamist gunman opened fire on tourists at a beach resort in Sousse, killing 39 people. This followed a March attack which killed 19 in a museum in Tunisia frequented by foreign tourists.


Selim Ben Hadj Yahia posted the campaign images on Facebook saying he created them in the wake of “the shock and sadness” of the Sousse attack, and that he hoped they spoke to “Tunisia’s friends around the world.”

The campaign has been praised by some, but criticised by others who said the attack in Sousse was different as it targeted tourists.

In 2014 nearly 425,000 British tourists travelled to Tunisia. Thirty of the 38 people killed in the Sousse attack were British holiday makers…thereby making British tourists the most suicidal tourists on earth.

JUNE 2015: 39 Tourists dead in MUSLIM terrorist attack on Tunisia beach resort:

MARCH 2015: 19 Tourists dead in MUSLIM terrorist attack on Tunisia Museum: