The Simplest Way On How To Prepare Yourself As Scientists Warn Of Extinctions And Mega Droughts

By Walid Shoebat

The planet is in the middle of a sixth mass-extinction. Scientists have established that “the rate of extinction for the last 115 years was 50 times what it would have been under normal conditions”.

“the number of vertebrate extinctions that would naturally occur over a given period of time—the scientists found that a total of about nine species should have gone extinct since 1900. In reality, 477 vertebrates are believed to have blinked out of existence, and 198 are confirmed extinct. If we just consider the demise of those 198, the current extinction rate is 22 times higher than it should be.”


Photos like this one, showing hundreds of thousands of dead tuna crabs washed up on beaches in Southern California is becoming an alarming sight and scientists aren’t sure exactly what’s happening.

And as if these natural disasters were enough, the curse trickles as two recent papers from scientists at the University of California, Irvine show that one-third of the globe’s aquifers are overstressed. The aquifers in the worst shape are in various shades of red on the NASA map one of which was in California’s Central Valley

And while California continues to block new construction of the State Water Project as well as additions to local and federal water-storage infrastructure, officials only have two choices: to halve California’s population, or shut down the 50 million acres of irrigated crops on the Central Valley’s west side, or cut back municipal water usage in a way never before done in the United States.

Now, for the first time in the 140-year history of U.S. farming and sinning, God spoke and cut off the water letting the well go dry. Meanwhile, on the west side, state and local officials warned farmers that they might receive far less than even the 10 percent of contracted surface-water delivery they had been promised while liberal environmentalists add to the self-curse by prevailing upon the courts to extend orders diverting freshwater reserves from irrigation canals to rivers and the ocean. It is as if God is saying ‘you want liberalism, you got it’.


In the beginning of the curse, the public remained indifferent since the state had survived two years of drought before, and cities still got their water allotments from shrinking northern and mountain reservoirs. In 2012 and 2013, man-made reservoirs in San Francisco and Los Angeles brimmed while the northern and mountain lakes that supplied them were just two-thirds full. Facing no threat of rationing, coastal Californians didn’t worry if a few hundred thousand acres of lucrative orchards simply shriveled up.

As 2013 wore on, climatologists, trying to project how long the drought might persist, warned these liberal state officials that evidence suggests that past droughts lasted 50 or even a hundred years.

Disaster continued and struck the west side, as large agribusiness concerns drilled new wells to unheard-of depths of 2,000 feet and more, installing massive 300-horsepower electric pumps to bring up just enough brackish water to trickle over their thirsty crops.


Scientists say that California and the Southwest occasionally had megadroughts that lasted decades. At least in parts of California, in two cases in the last 1,200 years, these dry spells lingered for up to two centuries. While environmentalists blame industry and greenhouse effects, tree-ring analysis has revealed many historic droughts, including one throughout much of the Southwest around 200 A.D. that lasted for five decades, yet another that began in the ninth century and lasted about two centuries and another that began in the 13th century and lasted for a century and a half, all this before the appearance of horse and buggy and the analysts say that it is all about global warming caused by carbon dioxide emissions.

What is certain is that if the drought persists, California agriculture will drop in half which will cause food prices to skyrocket.


But this problem is not restricted to the U.S. alone, the Nile and the Euphrates, both are in the news and both are in the Bible; the Nile drying in Egypt and the Euphrates drying up in Iraq. It becomes clear then that a major drought while it effects the world, it concentrates primarily in the Muslim world. Findings of the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) sponsored by NASA and the German Aerospace Centre, notes that between 2003 and 2009, the Tigris-Euphrates basin comprising Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and western Iran “lost groundwater faster than any other place in the world except northern India”.


Infertile Crescent: Waters run dry in Iraqi marshes

With Grain consumption which directly supplies nearly half of our calories, today roughly 40% of the world grain harvest comes from irrigated land. The worst curse of falling water tables and the shrinkage of irrigated agriculture is in Saudi Arabia, a country as water-poor as it is oil-rich. The Saudis announced in early 2008 that, with their aquifers largely depleted and have reduced wheat planting by one-eighth each year and by 2016 production will completely end.

What Saudi Arabia is not projecting is that to get wheat from major producing nations which in the future can only sustain themselves, the issue becomes a skyrocket wheat prices. In Mexico the demand for water is outstripping supply. In the agricultural state of Guanajuato, the water table is falling by six feet or more a year. In the north-western wheat-growing state of Sonora, farmers once pumped water from the Hermosillo aquifer at a depth of 40 feet and today they pump it from over 400 feet.

Aquifer depletion now also threatens harvests in the big three grain producers – China, India and the US – that together produce half of the world’s grain where in china a whopping four-fifths of China’s grain harvest comes from irrigated land from the Yellow and Yangtze rivers while in India, three-fifths of its grain is irrigated, mostly with groundwater. For the US, only one-fifth of the harvest is from irrigated land. The bulk of the grain crop is rain-fed, produced in the highly productive Midwestern Corn Belt where there is little or no irrigation.

Syria’s grain production dropped a whopping 32% and Yemen 50% while Pakistan is already one of the most water-stressed countries in the world.

It is no wonder, that with the Muslim world, a society that is already conspiracy theory driven, that Israel will be blamed (see Ezekiel 38:12) for their stravation which is eminent:  “A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius …” (Revelation 6:6)

The price of wheat is addressed in Scripture at a silver denarius per quart for a reason. In New Testament times, the silver coin weight was 3.65 grams. A U.S. mint quarter has 5.625 grams of silver. If we take a measure of wheat to be a quart (32 ounces) and the price of wheat at an average of $332 per 2000 pounds (metric ton) which is 32 cents a quart in today’s prices, then a silver denarius (3.65 grams) is at $3.24. This would mean that the price of bread will increase to 10 fold. The Euphrates in Iraq will see a similar cataclysmic event as in the Nile. The Turkish Anatolia Project (GAP) is an ambitious development project meant to control, sustain, and distribute the water resources of this river basin from within Turkey, the nation which serves as the source of 88% of the Euphrates’s water and 43% of the Tigris River (Lupu 2002).

“And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates; and the water thereof was dried up, that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared,” (Revelation 16:10).

A hungry Muslim world can easily muster this number if you consider Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan uniting with Turkey Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan and Tajikistanand, even Indonesia east of the Euphrates with several kings, this is becoming more feasible.

Many ask what to do. My answer is it is much simpler than you think. I have seen so many spend so much on expensive dehydrated packaged meals paying an arm and a leg for crooks, while others become extreme preppers who worry about everything from electric generators to drinking water. This is madness. God will never deplete water to the point we all die of thirst in a day or two.

It is so easy to can dried legumes and wheat in air packed buckets enough for years that will last 30 years in your home. will deliver the buckets of wheat to your home and any local Mormon cannery will allow you to use their canning equipment free while they even provide #10 cans and air packets while you witness to them on the Trinity. The mission can be accomplished in a day or two.

Figure out a pound or two of dried legumes and wheat per family of four per day, remember, 70% of what you eat is wheat, do the math and in time you can store enough for years to come. Don’t worry, there is some time left. A couple hundred dollars every six months can store you a lot of food and within a couple of years your mission is accomplished. Use it, first in first out (FIFO) and replenish what you use every now and then. Do what I do, get a wheat grinder and enjoy baking your own bread (look up no kneed bread on youtube) and making Hummus from dried garbanzo beans, oil and sesame (Tahini) which is what all Daniel ate while in exile in Babylon and God blessed him with health. Buy Sesame in bulk. Hummus (Tahini, Garbanzo and lemon juice with garlic) is one of the healthiest meals ever and God prescribed it to Daniel. Forget these modern Ezekiel diets that claim they have been inspired and all the made-up hoopla. People want to milk your money. Plant a small garden as I do, with chard, Bush beans, eggplants, okra, mint, parsley, basil, herbs and all sorts of God given plants. Feed your soil with compost tea. A plate of rice and beans will sustain anyone. Remember, when disasters comes, who cares about toilet paper or an electric generator where fuel might be a problem. Candles will do for lighting and you don’t need a refrigerator since everything is canned and dried. Candles are ideal for both, light and prayers. Just keep your doors and windows shut until the scourge passes through while the lazy virgins outside sleep and slumber. Now excuse, me, got to have my bowl of Hummus with homemade rustic bread. God Bless.

P.S., I make a dozen bowls of Hummus for $4 that lasts an entire week, if need help just write me and I will be glad to call you