Donald Trump’s Immigration Issue Nearly Started A Boxing Match At Fox News (Watch Video)

By Walid Shoebat

A Fox News debate on immigration got pretty personal and ugly over the Trump controversy as Fox’s The Five discussed Trump yesterday. Jesse Watters credited Trump for his outspokenness and called President Obama a “skinny community organizer” while Geraldo Rivera took offense to this and scolded him for being “disrespectful” and things went downhill from there as Eric Bolling got into the mix and told Rivera he “exploits and sensationalizes everything.”

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This one really set Rivera off telling Eric that “You’re lucky that you’re my friend,” he said, “I’d knock you out right now”. Eric responded “We can take this up later”.

Watch the video:

Rivera should watch his mouth threatening others. Last time Rivera got in a fight in front of the cameras was in 1984 when he was the one who got “knocked out” with his nose broken: