Homosexual Gang Kidnaps Three Year Old Boy, Brutally Rapes Him And Then Murders The Helpless Child

By Theodore Shoebat

A group of Muslim homosexual’s in Afghanistan’s Balkh region, kidnapped a three year old child named Yunus, raped him and then killed him. It is truly a horrifying example of the decay into darkness that the world has plunged itself into, and also of the depraved mindset those who hate God are in. Local Afghan activists are righteously calling for the government to inflict severe punishment on the sodomites who did this. One activist named Malika said:

Balkh civil society activists have raised their voice to ask Afghanistan’s judicial system to act seriously regarding the sexual abuse of the underage boy

Sayid Mohammad Sami, another activist, exclaimed:

Unfortunately, such occurrences are the result of the fact that rule of law is fading away in our society … “Such a situation means that any brutal human and those who are against the law in every hook and nook of the country commit illegal acts and then there is no one to arrest them and send them behind bars

The activists are not even sure if the government is going to even punish these evil perpetrators, convincing Malalai Usmani that it might be best that the people themselves conduct a citizen arrest and apprehend the rapists. She said:

We were against kangaroo courts in the past, but now I want to say that the local residents should arrest the perpetrators who raped the child and punish them before they reach the police and courts

Nadim Paikan, a seven-year-old boy in Balkh who knew Yunus expressed his shock at the rape and murder of this helpless three year old boy:

I was at home when I heard the bad news – they killed Yunus… They should be punished severely. How did they do this? How did they rape and then kill a three-year-old child?

This is just another example of how deep depravity goes. Its not just in the Muslim world (and we would be hypocrites to think so!), its happening all over the US and the Western world.

Homosexuals in New Orleans kidnapped young boys, brought them into their homosexual areas, tortured, sodomized them, and murdered them. I received this information from a colleague of ours, Jeremy Santos, who is one of the most fervent fighters against the sodomite agenda in America. While he was in Southern Decadence (one of the biggest rallies in the US), he met with a number of local Christians in the French Quarter, and they informed him of several incidences in which this evil was taking place and being committed by sodomites. I interviewed Santos on the radio show, the Roth Show (which I was covering):

Look at the New Orleans police, which refused to investigate over 1000 cases of rape and child molestation, including the case of a three year old who was raped and given an STD. And this is happening in the city of trumpets, jazz music, gumbo, and the stupid forms of dancing they all get into in their debauched “mardi gras.”

In Argentina a six year old boy was raped in a local soccer club by a homosexual named Mario Tolosa who was the vice president of the sports club. The government is so seeped in corruption that the judges, Horacio Piombo and Ramón Sal Llargués, gave the sodomite only 38 months because they believed that the victim may have enjoyed it.

In Italy the education system established a new program that will have boys wear dresses and girls to dress as men.

The Russians understand that the homosexual agenda will condition society to gradually and eventually be more acceptable to pedophilia. This view is expressed in this video which was released in Russia, showing that the real intention of the homosexual agenda is to adopt children to molest them:

all4pierce.com All4pierce

A sodomite from America has been sentenced to 40 years for forcing his “adopted” son to be a part of a child pornography ring, as is explained in this video:

Moreover, we must keep in mind the realities of the new Common Core education program, which was designed by the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers. Common Core has in its program a series of books that explicitly promote homosexuality, pedophilia, sadomasochism, and other deplorable, diabolical, and demonic acts worthy of death, that have been accepted by secular and even religious schools.

For example, Common Core has a version designed for Catholic schools, called Common Core Catholic Identity Initiative, in which they have homosexual books for first graders. One Catholic school superintendent has admitted that two first grade books about families -— that contain pictures of sodomite couples -— are included on the Common Core Catholic Identity Initiative website. The books were removed after much protest from parents.

In the New York State Common Core program, students are required to read parts of a book (the title of which would soil this article), in which male genitals and a sex act are explicitly described.

Jen Costabile, an English teacher in the Newburgh school district, said

At least three of the books listed on the modules [curriculums] contain passages using inappropriate language and visual imagery that most people would consider pornographic

Another book in the Common Core program contains graphic descriptions of rape, incest, sexual violence and pedophilia. The demonic and blasphemous novel expresses sympathy for a pedophile who even describes his wicked acts as divinely inspired, saying, “I work only through the Lord. He sometimes uses me to help people.”

One father stated his concern over the books, saying:

My daughter will mix socially with her peers who have absorbed this book, even if she has not read it. How is she protected from that book’s influence on her friends?

Barbara Hansen, a former Sierra Vista elementary school teacher, described one book to school officials as “child pornography”, and stated

We’re bludgeoning their souls with this kind of material. It’s debauchery, and it’s just not worthy of our students

According to a report by Bonnie Ramthun, the Common Core materials are designed to “groom” the students into being sexually molested. Ramthun writes:

“Grooming” is the process by which a predator desensitizes a young person to sexual contact. A predator who is in a position of authority, such as a coach, teacher or counselor, uses his position to befriend a child and eventually to abuse that child. One of the steps in grooming is to expose the young person to graphic sexual material such as pornographic photos, stories, and movies. When the child is used to the idea that “everyone does” these sexual acts, the predator has his victim prepared and ready for molestation.

Another book in Common Core describes homosexual rape and the use of a sex toy designed to be inserted into the rectum for the demonic and sadistic pleasure of the sodomite.

In Scotland a homosexual groom two young 15 year old men by getting them drunk and then raping both of them. One of the youths, as a result, struggled with suicide. What was the sodomite’s excuse? He said that “growing up in a time when homosexuality was frowned upon skewed his understanding of normal behaviour.”

In other words, he doesn’t want us to blame homosexuality, but the suppression thereof. If we utterly abolished homosexuality and made it a capital crime, then we wouldn’t see as many of these cases.

Homosexual grooming gangs need to be arrested and punished.

We have to prepare our minds and intellect for this spiritual war that we are in. This is why I made a 2-disk DVD series on teaching the warring spirit of the Christian Faith.