Two Churches In New Mexico Get Bombed By Terrorists

By Theodore Shoebat

Two churches in New Mexico have been bombed by anti-Christian terrorists, according to one report:

A New Mexico church service was set to start when the mailbox exploded near the office entrance.

Unshaken in faith, the congregation of Calvary Baptist in Las Cruces headed to the parking lot, set up folding chairs and listened as the pastor drew from the story of David and Goliath.

The explosion that sent the mailbox flying 100 feet over a woman’s head was the first of two om Sunday that caused minor damage to two churches in Las Cruces – the second-largest city in New Mexico near the border of Mexico and Texas.

No one was injured in the blasts at Calvary Baptist and Holy Cross Roman Catholic, but authorities said the explosive devices could have caused serious injuries if anyone had been nearby.

No arrests have been made.

Calvary Baptist Pastor Scott Rodgers said he had spent three days preparing his sermon for Sunday but somehow sensed Saturday that he needed to change course. He searched the scriptures and was led to the story of David and Goliath.

“What I saw there is that when in the midst of difficult situations, we need to, rather than look at the size of our problem, we need to look at the size of our God,” he said. “It provided a great deal of comfort.”

Calvary Baptist reopened Monday. No one answered the phone at Holy Cross, where an explosion in a trash can caused damage to a glass entryway.

Authorities have declined to provide specifics on the explosives that went off about 20 minutes apart at the two churches.

Calvary Baptist sits at the corner off a major street about a mile from New Mexico State University, while Holy Cross is tucked in a residential neighborhood less than four miles away.

Monsignor John Anderson was blessing bread and wine for Communion at Holy Cross when the trash can exploded.

Arriving police officers evacuated the church and blocked off surrounding buildings while bomb-sniffing dogs searched the church property.

In a nation like a America, the anti-Christian forces are trying very hard to make the nation look like Islamic countries where church burnings and bombings are very frequent.

Officers escort an unidentified woman past a crime scene on Wednesday, July 29, 2015, after she appeared to have accidentally wondered into the area in Las Cruces, N.M. A man wanted in a domestic violence investigation has been fatally shot by authorities in Las Cruces after trying to escape from a motel room window. (Robin Zielinski/The Las Cruces Sun-News via AP)

Officers escort an unidentified woman past a crime scene on Wednesday, July 29, 2015, after she appeared to have accidentally wondered into the area in Las Cruces, N.M. A man wanted in a domestic violence investigation has been fatally shot by authorities in Las Cruces after trying to escape from a motel room window. (Robin Zielinski/The Las Cruces Sun-News via AP)

Church burnings are becoming disturbingly frequent in America. We talk about church burnings in Nigeria, in Iraq, Syria, India, but what we are not talking about is that its happening right here in the United States, without any calls of hate crime or discriminations.

Here is a list of some church burnings that took place just this year:

On June 21, a person lit hay bales at College Hill Seventh-Day Adventist in Knoxville, Tennessee. The building wasn’t harmed, but a van was destroyed.

On June 23, a suspected arsonist burned down God’s Power Church of Christ in Macon, Georgia. Authorities said they hadn’t found evidence the fire was a hate crime.

On June 24, Briar Creek Road Baptist Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, suffered more than $250,000 in damages after a suspected arsonist set fire to the building. It was unclear whether the fire was racially motivated.
On June 26, the Greater Miracle Temple in Tallahassee caught fire when a tree fell on electric wires. Fire marshals ruled the incident accidental.

On June 26, Glover Grove Baptist Church in Warrenville, South Carolina burned down. State law enforcement were unable to determine what caused the fire.

On June 30, Mount Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church in Greeleyville, South Carolina, caught fire likely due to lightning strikes.

Here is another report of two church burnings that took place this year as well:

The Hidalgo County Fire Marshal and the sheriff’s department are on a manhunt. Two different churches were set on fire in Hargill.

The Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini Catholic Church and the First Baptist Church were set on fire Thursday night. Hidalgo County Fire Marshal Juan Martinez said both fires were clearly arson.

Each church had a broken window and bricks were found inside. The electrical meter on both churches was destroyed cutting off power and the fire alarms. Investigators found evidence of some kind of accelerant as the origin of the fires.

“If they can burn down a church, they can burn down somebody’s house,” Martinez said. “We are concerned with that. The sheriff office is also involved. They will be stepping up in this area and we want everybody to know we are doing everything in our power and we will find them.”

The Catholic Church received the most damage, several pews and bibles burned. The Baptist Church, which is a historic building, had smoke damage.

Fire crews were called to the Baptist Church while they were putting out flames at the Catholic Church. They managed to stop the flames from spreading.

Two crosses were burned in El Paso:

Police in El Paso, Texas, are investigating two cross-burning incidents outside an African-American and Hispanic church two days apart, officials and the church’s pastor said Wednesday.

One of the crosses, about 2-feet tall, was set ablaze outside the Smyrna Seventh Day Adventist Church in east El Paso on Saturday night and the second on Monday night, pastor Allen Brewer said by telephone.

“I know of no reason why anyone would do this. We’re trying to stay positive,” Brewer said, adding that no threats had been made against him or the church.

“I understand there’s a lot going on in the country these days,” the pastor said, referring to last month’s Charleston, South Carolina, church mass massacre and debate over the Confederate flag. “I don’t know why anyone would do this.”

The media wants us to think that hate crimes are something done only by conservatives against homosexuals, or by
police officers. But arson attacks done against churches in America in the months of November and December of 2014 alone, is far too many and being almost completely ignored.

Here are some of the reports that have come very recently. In Parma Heights, Ohio, there was a church burning:

The fire at Parma Heights City Hall has been ruled arson, fire officials said Tuesday.

The fire happened on Wednesday, causing significant damage to the mayor’s office.

Parma Heights Fire Chief Bryan Sloan said a police officer spotted the blaze and reported it just after 3 a.m. Firefighters quickly controlled the fire and the scene was clear just a few hours later.

In Roswell, Georgia, there was another church burning:

Authorities have charged a man with arson in a suspicious church fire in Roswell.

The fire did major damage to part of the Epiphany Byzantine Catholic Church on Old Alabama Road early Sunday.

While en route to the scene, a police officer spotted 24-year-old Juan Carlos Ramirez allegedly running down the street naked.

Ramirez was arrested on disorderly conduct charges. Once in custody, police said he confessed to starting the fire at the church, as well as three other blazes in the surrounding woods. No motive was given for the fires, police said.

In St. Paul, Minnesota, a church burning took place:

A St. Paul man has been charged in connection with a fire Friday morning that caused more than $100,000 in damage to a W. 7th Street church.

Gregory Louis Knox, 27, was being held Monday on $70,000 bail at the Ramsey County jail on charges of first- and second-degree arson.

Knox turned himself in at police headquarters on Friday afternoon, only hours after firefighters were called to put out the blaze at St. Mark Lutheran Church, just off W. 7th at Goodhue Street.

In Kent County, Delaware, there were three churches set ablaze by the same people:

Two Kent County men have been charged with arson in fires last week at three Felton-area churches, state fire officials said Monday night.

In simultaneous arrests at their homes Monday afternoon, deputy fire marshals took Alex J. Harrington Jr., 26, into custody in High Point Park, a mobile home complex in the Frederica area, and Joseph Skochelak, 25, at the Dover Apartments complex in Dover, said Michael G. Chionchio, assistant state fire marshal.

They were charged with three counts each of second-degree arson, third-degree burglary and second-degree conspiracy, he said.

In Calloway County, Kentucky, another arson attack was done against a church:

A Calloway County church was seriously damaged by fire Monday morning in what is being called an act of arson.

According to Kentucky State Police, a church member was passing by the Mason Chapel United Methodist Church Monday morning when they noticed an open door. The member went to close the door and found the church on fire.

The church was seriously damaged from the fire.

What is happening in the Muslim world, is happening right in the United States by demonically influenced people with anti-Christian sentiments. This is all the result of the anti-Christian atmosphere that has permeated the society. Evil acts like this, in this severity, did not happen in the 50s, in the 20s, or in the times before those era These are too many churches as it is, and there already countless other cases that have happened recently, too many to put here.

If we do not stop the anti-Christian venom that is inundating the society, then we must expect such violence and persecutions to happen more often.

Bring back Christendom! Deus veult!