Now look at the interview with this same sleazy general on France24 when Obama finally nailed Abu Sayyaf, the ISIS-oil-minister and the U.S military targeted ISIS’s oil-fields. Here is the same Lieutenant General Hertling (Heart-lying) confirming it was a great strategy:

Here he says “its an important raid” and “it will have an effect on ISIS …”

Hertling is talking about the destruction of ISIS’s oil-fields.

CNN itself, when it published regarding the killing of Abu Sayyaf and the bombing of ISIS oil-fields by Obama’s orders, brought in Michael Weiss, author of “ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror” who said he was:

“skeptical the United States would risk lives to capture the head of ISIS’s oil operations. ISIS hasn’t made significant money from captured oil fields since U.S. bombers began striking its infrastructure, he said.”

So when Trump suggests to bomb ISIS oil-fields, CNN brings in one Heart-lying bastard, yet when Obama does it, CNN brings Weiss to uplift another lying bastard: Obama.

This type of journalism is exactly what Trump complained about which is the usual politics.

Donald Trump in the CNN interview told Cooper regarding Hertling: “I am a better general than the general that you’re talking about.”  This sounds like a real president. When Trump becomes president, he will say “Heart-lying, your fired”.

Yes indeed.

As far as building the wall, all Trump has to do is to say: “Look at Israel, if they built a wall, so can we, next question please”.