‘Mary Had PMS While She Was Pregnant With Jesus Christ’ Says Erick Erickson, The Man Who Banned Donald Trump For Talking Bad About Megyn Kelly

Erick Erickson, the man who banned Donald Trump from his superficial conservative event, alleging that Trump said that Megyn Kelly must have had PMS during the debate, said that Mary had PMS when she was pregnant with Jesus Christ. He said this back in 2012, years prior to Trump’s statement on Kelly. His statement was found on twitter and retweeted by Dan Scavino, one Trump’s


Dan Scavino reposted the tweet, alongside Erickson’s statement on “goat f****ing”:

scavino  copy

This blasphemer is an absolute wretch possessed by the spirit of hypocrisy. I can tell just by looking at his gluttonous face that he is is a sleaze bucket. While he condemns Trump for talking about blood “coming out of her wherever”, but this sick blasphemy he has no problem with. This is just another indication as to how morally and spiritually decayed the secular conservative movement is.