Anyone Who Loves Jesus And The Jews And Supports Ted Cruz As Candidate For President Are Out Of Their Mind

By Walid Shoebat

Lots of times, when the ones with foresight warns of damaging current foreign policies, the naive crowds object “you’r unpatriotic”, yet when these with foresight are proven correct, and only after seeing the aftermath, no one remembers the watchmen.

We warned as others did of bad foreign policy regarding Iraq, Syria and the Arab Spring years ago. Many Republicans  mocked. Then the same Republicans who mocked, years later, trumpeted the same sentiment we did, but the difference is that these were the Johnny-come-lately.

So which one would you like to be, a voter with foresight or a Johnny-come-lately?

Ted Cruz, the darling of many is a disaster for Christianity and Jews for many reasons.

It is not only that Cruz’ father Rafael Cruz is a weird cultist who says that his son was anointed as “king” who will take control of all sectors of society, an agenda commonly referred to as the “Seven Mountains  Mandate“, but Cruz’s foreign policy supports the very issue he claims to uphold being pro-Jews pro-marriage etc … According to the Seven Mountain Initiative which started by reprobates in 1975 by R. J. Rushdoony and Francis Schaeffer” (whose son Frank Schaeffer converted to eastern Orthodox and later became atheist)  who claimed a special access to the Almighty and with a strange twist of Scripture started an evil movement. From this, Seven Mountain cult evolved. While it claimed that they used “biblical foundations” this cult evolved into complete insanity:

The 7 mountains initiative is not an initiative to establish dominion over all the earth or in governments. It is an initiative that seeks to love and serve all people on the earth. As followers of Christ, we believe we are called to love all people, regardless of faith, lifestyle or gender orientation.

It is this mimicking of some sort of a Global Caliphate that Christianity is all about becoming dominionists  in which Cruz’s father says that his son will “bring the spoils of war to the priests”, thus helping to bring about a prophesied “great transfer of wealth”, from the “wicked” to righteous gentile believers (link to video). Most are unaware that the cult Ted belongs to with his father Rafael Cruz’ is the dominionist cult.


While there is no time or space here to cover Cruz’s cultic affiliation, it is crucial that folks understand: American politics whether Democrat or Republican is not at war with Islamists per se: the CIA aided the Islamist terror in Chechnya and the Russian Caucasus in the early 1990’s, they aided the Islamist  Mujahideen in Afghanistan during Ronald Reagan’s era (which later became the Taliban), they aided the Jihadi Arab Spring, they aided Islamist Turkey …  these are all anti-Israel and anti-Christ. Anyone cares to deny?

Most American voters are lemmings, sheep led to the slaughter who are unaware (due to lack of education on foreign policy) that the goal is not combatting evil, but is to deliberately weaken Russia’s sphere of influence. This desire must be accomplished no matter what–even by using and supporting Islamists, neo-Nazis or whomever– it doesn’t matter. All this is an undeniable fact of life, politics is not about right vs. wrong, Shiite vs. Sunni, Protestant theology vs. Catholic, marriage vs. gender orientation, Israel vs. Palestine, recognition of Holocaust vs. Holocaust denial, haves vs. have-nots, Republican vs. Democrat …  but it is all about a continual war between top-dogs and is a pure struggle over power and world-dominion.

Thats it.

Anyone who denies this is simply part of the tide and the drowning sheep who get caught in the quicksand. These will always be the naive masses who are recruited with the cries of “Hurrah” while waiting for Johnny to come home from Iraq or Afghanistan who was supposedly fighting for his country.

Am I then denouncing the U.S.? Heavens no. America does what is right only by the providence of God. While we applaud Reagan for defeating Russia’s Communism, and before him, the threats from Nazi Germany and the emperor worship of Japan, it was by sheer providence the military found the Nazi death camps, all the while the government knew everything and did absolutely nothing until the end. The goodness of the American, most of the time, is not reflected by the politicians and this coming election Americans have a chance to change this.

But Cruz is not the answer.

Why? Besides his cultic affiliations, Cruz, as part of his foreign policy, supports the pro-Nazi Ukrainian government as do most Democrat and Republican politicians. In fact, it was Putin who correctly alleges that the government in Ukraine’s Kiev is propped up by neo-Nazi and anti-Semitic fascist groups including Right Sector and Svoboda – a nationalist party that won seats in the Ukrainian parliament in 2012. Putin uses this fact to justify the annexation of Crimea and the backing of separatist groups in eastern Ukraine.

Reuters/Gleb Garanich

In fact, it was Senator John McCain who actually labeled the Hungarian PM Viktor Orban “a neo-fascist dictator” for simply being close to Russia. Yet when it came to the Ukraine, this same John McCain was on the platform with neo-fascist and far-right figures in Ukraine before the coup.

It is this type of double standard that is quite extraordinary. While the anti-Russia pro-Western side of the Ukraine is neo-Nazi, naive Americans are supposed to pretend that the Nazis are not there. When Cruz rightly walks out on an anti-Israel event ran by Middle Eastern Arab Christians, what is not known by many, is that Cruz could care less about Israel and cares more about political power. If this assessment is wrong, why then would Ted Cruz  visit in support this same neo-Nazi government, the very anti-Semitic government, whom Ukraine’s Chief Rabbi, Moshe Reuben Asman, has warned about, that Jews in Ukraine should get out of the country due to the pro-Nazi government.

So why do so many European and American politicians — including, of all people, Sen. Ted Cruz want to help anti-Semites ascend to power and become part of the EU? The Republican establishment as a whole, and its obvious, is all part of the soulless agendas in Washington DC which is U.S. dominion.

The only way out is that Cruz claims he has no foreign policy experience or to say (as our current administration does) that the Ukrainian government will be “tamed”.

It is a rule-of-thumb, that when the U.S. cries that Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, or any country needs “democracy”,  what they mean by that is “regime change” to thwart another superpower. In Syria it didn’t matter that McCain (republican) and Obama (democrat) supported terrorists who used Sarin gas, it was about changing the pro-Russian Syrian government. This reality is what we call “state backed terrorism” which will never change regardless to who is U.S. President.

Confirmed by Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, key organizations in the Ukraine including the Neo-Nazi party Svoboda were generously supported by Washington:

“We have invested more than 5 billion dollars to help Ukraine to achieve these and other goals. … We will continue to promote Ukraine to the future it deserves.” Svoboda is one of four major parties of the coalition Ukrainian government.

This is not an issue of Democrats vs. Republicans, both parties support the same issues. Cruz supports the same Neo-Nazi party Svoboda leader Oleh Tyahnybok. Here he is with the Hitler salute:

Neo Nazi Svoboda leader Oleh Tyahnybok


John McCain and neo-Nazi leader Oleh Tyahnybok met to finalize plans to overthrow Ukraine’s legitimate government




“Beat the Yids” a quot on T-Shirts worn by Ukranian Nationalists which means “beat the Jews”

The biblical rule of thumb is that nationalism is a system ordained by God. It is a system which the “izims”  (Communism, Islamism, Socialism, Paganism …) are always at war with. Evil never stops to reshape us in the milieu of an evil ideology that grinds us into one religion and one government.

The story of Ukraine is the story of nationalism. Nationalism is ordained by God to all people. The business class in the Ukraine were oriented towards Russia who see the Ukrainian-Russian relationship as vital while the elites are much more oriented towards the EU and not the people. Russia has always been the imperial overlord of Ukraine, both under the Czar and in the time of the Soviet Union.

So the Pro-EU wing of the elite ruling class succeeded in raising an impressive stage army of protesters, a large part is inspired by the Occupy movement and the other by traditionalists. These see themselves as Europeans and not Russian. Then you have ultra-nationalists like Oleh Tyahnbok, an anti-Semite, which is a tradition that is not exactly dead in Ukraine. These are the bulk of the anti-Russia movement.

So it’s a geopolitical rivalry between the European Union (which is using its puppets) and Russia.

Russia’s President Putin has never given up on the idea of a Russian-led and dominated political and economic union as a counterbalance to Nato and the EU. With its historical, cultural and political and economic ties with Russia, it is the biggest prize in a competition for geopolitical power between Russia and the EU.

Putin started a parallel and competing strategic initiative with the Eurasian Customs Union (ECU) in October 2007 aiming for a ‘fully-fledged union’ similar to the EU as a global pole of power. Russia used similar pressure to force Armenia to give up negotiating with the EU.

There is a deep dividing line between the EU and Russia. Moscow has always seen the EU’s engagement in Eastern Europe as competitive interference. Dealing with Moscow has always been one of Europe’s most sensitive dilemmas.

The tsarist empire, the Soviet Union and Russia have all been both the enemy, and an ally to Europe. Europeans have fought with and against the Russians, just as they have done among themselves.

Many see Russia as a European country, which extends into Asia. Europe has no choice, what is in the interest of most of Europe is to have Russia as a close ally who can help on key matters such as dealing with Syria and the security of their energy supplies – which is about one-third of Europe’s gas, oil and coal imports which come from Russia. Europe’s relationship with Russia is more important for the EU than their relationship with the Ukraine.

The European Union is in shambles given the terrible economic problems of Southern Europe, so adding the weak Ukraine to the EU was preposterous, but making it in the Russian sphere of influence will prove an asset for Russia in the future.

Many who argue for Cruz’s theology has a dilemma. Cruz is an Evangelical in which the anti-Putin stems from the wrong interpretation of Gog and Magog being Russia, a nation (so they claim) that comes against Israel prior to Armageddon. While this is an error of interpreting Scriptures, his policy supporting the Ukraine to be part of the EU (which is also thought to be Antichrist) should put him, including all his Evangelical voters in a dilemma: why be on the side of Antichrist while being against Gog? Shouldn’t Evangelicals be anti-both: Gog and Antichrist? This is the pillar of hypocrisy.

It is here where these err. Donald Trump was right about the war in Iraq and it took a decade to recognize it and it would probably take another decade till the Republican party admits it.

And here is where foresight is necessary. President Putin (whom many of the naive consider as enemy) bolsters Christian Armenia politically, economically and militarily. The U.S. refuses to do what Putin did in recognizing the Armenian Genocide. Historically speaking, the U.S. is a holocaust denier when it comes to Armenia. How can a nation live with this? The U.S. Government is not about recognition of Holocaust vs. Holocaust denial.

Support for Armenia and Russia’s occupation of the Ukraine is bad for Turkey. Armenia’s recent rise as a regional power has only been possible due to the near total control Moscow has had over Armenia’s energy and military sectors. Armenia in the future will be an asset to fight against Turkey and the Ukraine will be the platform where Russia will invade Turkey when conflicts arise between Russia and Turkey.


I know that while some see Russia’s support for Iran as bad, this is true, but always keep in mind that Russia supports Iran to harass the U.S. with its anti-Russia attitude. Russia is creating a strategic crisis for the United States who fears Iran more than the Russians who are buffered from Iran by the Sunni Caucasus states. As far as the future goes, many in the U.S. fear the Russian sphere of influence, especially that it strengthened Iran. The Prophecy arena is replete with a Russian Iranian alliance that is based on error. But what needs to be understood are the issues at hand; first, Russia was fighting Sunnis in the northern Caucasus and feared the strengthening of radical Sunnis anywhere, but particularly in the larger Sunni-dominated republics in Russia. This is the same case with the U.S. in allying with Iran to fight ISIS.

It is just the way the ball bounces.

The Russians do not really have an interest to attack Israel as many in the Prophecy mania proclaim. No serious analyst would see any reason for Russia to invade Israel, and neither does Russia want the Iranians to gain nuclear weapons. What they do want is an extended conflict in Iraq, extended tension between Iran and the United States, and they wouldn’t much mind it if the United States went to war with Iran as well.

Second, an Iranian sphere of influence would threaten Saudi Arabia and would compel the United States to re-engage in the region to protect Saudi Arabia and by that will also be inclined to defend Israel. After all, the Americans remain obsessed with the Islamic world.

The key foreign policy then is to bring Russia closer while keeping Iran and Turkey at a distance. Yet the U.S. has its ties closer to Turkey and is now aiding Iran while they alienate Russia. It is also true that U.S. policy in the region (and why the U.S. Administration are behind the Sunni-Shia divide) is that the U.S. needs a region equally treacherous both for Turkey and Iran. Current balance of forces between extremist religious groups prevents Turkey and Iran to feel comfortable, whereas Washington reaps geopolitical dividends from the situation.

But Turkey and Iran have a common interest in preventing an independent Kurdish nation. The more the United States supports the Muslim Iraqi Kurds there will be a greater danger of an Iranian-Turkish alliance which is what we project will happen.

The only problem with this policy is that it undermines the situation for the Christians in the region, who are becoming highly persecuted. Such persecution will extend to the future in which the entire Christian population in the Middle East will have to flee or be slaughtered. To Christians, this issue should be the highest priority. Please help us rescue Christians.

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Folks ask me why I support Donald Trump. It is not only that Trump has foresight and was one of very few to stand against the war in Iraq, but Trump also has a simple policy: bring Russia closer, prevent Russia and China to unite, while keeping Japan, Turkey and Iran at a distance, all the while defend U.S. economy from all these greedy nations that do not want to play fairly. This is the vision of a man with foresight:

For a one hour video that explains the Nazi support by the U.S. to the Ukraine watch this: