Satanists Create Many Blasphemous Images Of Jesus Christ. They Make One Statue Of A Man Holding Jesus While His Penis Is Exposed. Christians March In, Confront The Devil Worshippers, And Destroy The Evil Images (Christians Rise Up!)

By Theodore Shoebat

Satan worshippers who hate God, in Russia, conducted an “art” exhibit in which they presented many images that were blasphemous of our Lord Jesus Christ. One part of the exhibit was of a deformed figure holding holding Jesus while its penis was exposed. Here is one of the diabolical images:

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It was diabolical and disgusting. Christians, part of the God’s Will movement led by Dmitry Enteo, enraged with holy zeal, rushed into the exhibit and threw down some of the demonic statues. This is righteous anger; this is Orthodoxy in motion. I did a whole video on this event, with commentary, Christian history, and some predictions on the future state of Christendom:

What these Christians did was totally within the realms of the Orthodox Faith. Action is Orthodoxy in motion; it is “faith working through love.” (Galatians 5:6) St. John of Damascus tells us that “action is called passion when one is not moved according to nature, whether by himself or by another.” (Orthodox Faith, book 2, ch. 22) Action is not a natural response, it not some activity — like eating, sleeping, copulating — no, it is movement pushed by internal volition, inspired by the sublime beauty of harmony, the hatred against chaos, and this feeling is so strong that our very spirits are compelled to satisfy its thirst for victory. “Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after justice: for they shall have their fill.” (Matthew 5:6)

Those who thirst for justice, have their fill in righteous actions, for in working through love, one becomes united with Love, and thus united with God, in a beautiful union that surpasses all corporeality. The Christian Faith makes one not stand static, but compels one to break through all of our human and natural fears, to act, to uproot evil and destroy it. Before Christ’s Crucifixion, He did not hesitate or turn away from the divine will, but rather He said, “not as I will, but as You will.” (Matthew 26:39) He went forward and confronted all evil, all the evil that we ourselves are so afraid to see, and He destroyed. Action is beyond the natural; it is rooted in the Heavens, fired by the eternal flames of love, and manifests itself as faith in that which the physical eyes cannot see, but only the spiritual eyes. Action is faith; faith is action. You cannot separate the two. “Show me your faith without your works, and I will show you my faith by my works.” (James 2:18)

A thousand cries are heard,
Flowing like a river from the fields of dead martyrs;
A thousand cries are heard from the fields of saints;
The songs of warriors, the songs of prophets,
All can be heard by the ears of the soul,
All can be heard from the mountains of Faith

Hope is shaped like a Sword,
And it is seen on their banners

The winds flow from the East,
They touch our very spirits,
And yet we walk in the deserts of the impulses,
And never allow the rivers of hope
To ascend our beings into the mountains of Faith,
Where death is Love,
Where death is Life,

The winds blow from the seas of the sublime,
From the depths of forgotten voices,
They flow from the valley of Ein Gedi,
They spring from the cave of Adullam,
And there lies the sword of truth,
To protect the holy.

And yet we stand still and look
As they kill our prophets.
We lose ourselves in the never ending circle
Of transient death,
As the winds of divine love guide our sails
Through the dying seas of existence
And bring us to the Mountain of the Skull,
Where life overflows,
Where love rains in the most parched earth,
Where flesh is united to the eternal,
Where all the world
Has made peace through the blood of His cross (1 Colossians 1:20),
Where the winds carry the salt of virtue
From the seas that encompass Heaven,
That touch our faces;
That purify our countenances,
And by the touch of its cool embraces,
Free our hearts from death’s burdens,
And breaks us through the walls of nature

At the center of humanity,
There lies the mountain of the skull,
And upon the skull,
There lies all of life,
There lies all of love,
There lies the entire purpose
For all of the world,
For all of the cosmos,
For all of the universe,
To be.

Walk to the desert
And see the Word of the Uncaused,
Overpower the prince of evil;
Sail the seas
And see the strongest storm
Submit itself to the lowly in heart (Matthew 11:29);
Look and gaze,
And you will see the Holy One
Put down the mighty from their thrones (Luke 1:52);

Look and see the world from the eyes of your soul,
And you will see the meek inherit the earth (Matthew 5:5)
He Who deigned Himself to be amongst the lowest,
The universe cannot contain Him

The winds blow from the east,
And in them do we hear,
The solemn cries of warriors;
We hear their swords,
Cutting through the demons,
He see their blades soaked in wicked blood;
We see them run up the highest mountain,
And walk with God

They rush to the strongest citadels of the abyss,
And crush it;
They spring to the strongest bastion of the diabolical,
And uproot it.

Who cares for their struggles?
Whose minds ponder on their actions?
All is Who cares for them,
For God is All,
In Him all things consist (Colossians 1:17)

The winds may blow here and there,
But Eternal Love knows
Who is worthy of Him.
We see their actions,
impelled by Heaven;
We see their victories,
Given by Truth
And all we behold,
Is faith

Hope is shaped like a Sword,
And it is seen on their banners,
Stained with blood,
Shed for Love