Protestant Donald Trump Behaves Like A Better Christian Than Catholic Jeb Bush Who Slanders Trump On Abortion

Walid Shoebat

God hates slander. After watching the following video of Jeb Bush falsely saying that “he [Donald Trump] until recently supported partial-birth abortion,” I knew I was looking at a Judas bashing Paul:

While one man (Bush) says “I am a proven conservative with a record, I have been consistently pro-life, I have cut taxes …  ” the typical “I, I, I” ad nauseam sounds like Lucifer’s five “I will” in Isaiah 14 and it sickens me to death.

I’d rather have Trump who says “have mercy on me, a sinner, I bribed the Pharisee, I supported the death of babies in the womb, but I repent …” This Paul is better for America than  the slandering Judas. Truth is that Trump repented a decade and half ago, as far back as 2000, not “just recently” as Jeb claims. In his America We Deserve, Trump wrote:

“I consulted two doctors I respect and, upon learning more about this procedure, I have concluded that I would support a ban.” (The America We Deserve, by Donald Trump, p. 31-32 , Jul 2, 2000)

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Americans need to see through these old tactics which will further hurt Bush and the Republican establishment. While Bush is a practicing Roman Catholic (and I get accused of being pro-Catholic), I am for Protestant Trump. It is not a man’s affiliation to the ‘Pharisee’ or the ‘Samaritan’ establishments that count. What counts most are a man’s deeds; repentance and accomplishments with God’s given talents are what count most to God. Heaven is filled with sinners who repent while hell is filled with sinners who don’t.

So let’s examine the facts when it comes to abortion. During Jeb’s term as governor in Florida, the number of abortions rose during his tenure (January 5, 1999 – January 2, 2007). In 1998, the total number was 82,335 murdered American babies, according to the Florida Vital Statistics annual report. That holocaust continued to rise until it peaked at 95,586 in 2006.

While I should be charitable to Jeb, he wasn’t an enemy of the pro-life cause, but he didn’t fight abortion far enough and his success rate in comparison with the rest of the United States leaves less to be desired. In fact, the number of ‘holocaust babies’ under Jeb was worse than the rest of the nation.

Image Credit: Guttmacher Institute

So his claim to  lead on fighting abortion is absurd. And while babies were going through a holocaust in Jeb’s state under his rule, the living children did not fare well either. Jeb was an enthusiastic supporter of Fed-Ed/Common Core, or what conservatives term as “Commie Core”, a federal government’s power-grabbing of education system by bureaucrats. Jeb was also named one of the founding directors of the Bloomberg Family Foundation, established to advance the vision of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, which announced a $50 million undertaking to expand “reproductive health”, which resulted in more dead American babies.

With Trump, American’s are seeing that it is time to bury the Bush legacy alongside with the Clintons in the graveyard of all the hypocritical other Pharisees. The Bush family were the whole reason which resulted in giving America to Bill Clinton and consequently we now have his wife, evil Hillary. This happened when Jeb’s father said “read my lips, no new taxes” and this lie lost him his presidency and brought in the Clintons. And while some will chide me saying that the sins of the father should not be blamed on the sons, Jeb refused to sign the anti-tax pledge which virtually all the other GOP presidential contenders during their careers, signed it.

And while God taught us wisdom and frugality, Florida, while Jeb was governor had its debt skyrocket a whopping 45% during both of Jeb’s two terms.

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It is obvious that Jeb Bush is a slippery stinging spineless jelly-fish who flows with the tide. Here, watch him say to his fellow Republicans that we should stop trying to defund Obamacare:

What differs Trump from Bush is an important quality the other candidates do not have, Trump has what politics lack and what God likes: Foresight.

Foresight is the ability to predict or the action of predicting what will happen or be needed in the future. Trump did not tow the Republican line at the time of the Iraq war, and unlike Bush who flip-flopped on the war with Iraq, Trump was totally against it. He was looking after America’s best interest in avoiding the total destruction of the Middle East, a bad thing for America which birthed ISIS.

With such foresight, Trump (unlike the establishment) does not want a repeat of Iraq in Syria where the U.S. is like busy bees trying to oust Bashar Al-Assad instead of allowing Bashar to neutralize ISIS:

Even the Iran nuclear deal, Bush refuses to condemn it, he will just “look at it”:

“One thing I won’t do is just say as a candidate: ‘I’m just going to tear up the [Iran nuclear] agreement on the first day.’ That sounds great, but maybe you ought to check in with your allies first” says Bush.

Checking with “the allies first” is not a signature of a leader who is supposed to lead all allies. The Iran deal is a sham as Trump says.

A wise Christian voter with foresight, should know that a man should not be judged on who he was, but who he is and how he plans ahead making sure that we all have oil in our lamps. When the Pharisaic  establishment was persecuting Christians, God chose Paul who repented. What Bush (who says he’s Catholic) is doing the slanderous chicken-pecking order on Trump as if one pecks on Paul for his past sins. I’d rather choose someone who confesses that he bribed the establishment and wants to change it instead of Jeb Bush who said regarding the Gay Agenda’s success what true Catholics abhor:

“I hope that we can also show respect for the good people on all sides of the gay and lesbian marriage issue – including couples making lifetime commitments to each other who are seeking greater legal protections and those of us who believe marriage is a sacrament and want to safeguard religious liberty.”

So gay couples, according to Catholic Bush is “marriage” so long they have “lifetime commitments”? If a reprobate agenda succeeds and gets their agenda passed by law, Jeb says that this is enough for him. In other words, I give up the fight and I go where the tide leads me and I will lead everyone to go with the tide, straight to the pit of hell.

How can any Christian stand for such utter hypocrisy? This Pharisaic establishment will always go with the tide. As Trump says, they are geared to answer demands from corporations with deep pockets and carry out the agendas of the greedy and the corrupt.