Obama Spends Six Hundred And Sixty Six Thousand Tax Dollars On Each Muslim Who Ended Up Supporting Terrorists

By Walid Shoebat

It was actually 666 thousand dollars and 666 dollars and .666 cents: money spent to train EACH Muslim who was supposedly trained to combat ISIS in Syria. As crazy as the numbers sound, perhaps some might think its a nightmare from the pit of hell and the apocalypse, but it is true once you use your calculator after reading the Telegraph on this story and after having done my own investigation from Middle Eastern first hand sources. Here is how I reached my calculation. “Division 30 to combat ISIS” was created by the US as the first highly trained rebel faction to incorporate graduates of a US-led training program in order to have troops on the ground designed to combat and destroy ISIS. The $36 million training program (part of a 500,000,000 project) has been criticised for only producing 54 fighters who promised only to fight ISIS, not the Assad Regime as the US began to learn that combating Assad is stupid and was not the key to defeat ISIS. So dividing 36 million by 54, this would be $666,666.666 spent on each Muslim fighter whom the US said they carefully screened and vetted.

Not only are the numbers cursed, but the whole program was a sham from the beginning. The 54 fighters as soon as they were trained and equipped snubbed all requests by the US and instead promised to keep its pledge with Al-Nusra terrorist organization. In other words, the US trusted Jihadis, equipped and trained them each at $666,666.666 cost and as soon as they got trained they gave the finger to the US and said “bye bye”.

I could not believe how stupid, incompetent, idiotic and flat-out insane the US government truly is.

But the stupidity did not end here. The Telegraph says that: “The 54 fighters who have passed through the programme had been required to promise only to fight Isil, even though most originally took up arms to defeat Mr Assad’s regime.”

Any local idiot in Syria would tell the Americans that the 54 were all Islamists. Islamism wants to remove all essence of secularism and replace it with Sharia. Syria, being Baathist Arab nationalist is the arch-enemy of Islamism and vise versa. So the main focus of this group is to defeat the current Syrian regime and to establish Sharia. In other words, the US should trust tribal forces and anti-Islamist nationalists. This would be the Syrian regime. This type of mentality is what kept the entire Middle East intact. Remove the tribes and the nationalists and you got Sharia. This is what happened in Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Iraq …

So what happened next was that when the other terrorist groups like Al-Nusra suspected that the 54 were US agents who were bribed with US dollars, they began to argue and wanted the goodies (equipment). The 54 than said that they were not loyal to the US and a fight ensued between the two groups. To prove there loyalty to Islam and not to the US, when the US came to the defense of the 54 in Division 30 what did Division 30 do? They rejected a US promise to defend the brigade against Jabhat al Nusra terror front with airstrikes. On last Friday, US warplanes bombed al Nusra positions anyway after the jihadist group stormed Division 30’s headquarters and killed five of its members.

So when the US promised to defend the brigade against Jabhat al Nusra with airstrikes, what did this highly trained US funded Muslim ground troops division do? They condemned and rejected US offer that warplanes bomb al Nusra positions, regardless that Al-Nusra stormed Division 30’s headquarters and killed five of its members. One would think and hope they all kill each other.

To top-it-all, Jabhat al Nusra then kidnapped five additional members and the 54 which began to dwindle.

So what did this US trained division do after that? They emphasized that there loyalty has never and will never be for the Americans and then insisted that its unity is with Al-Nusra terrorist group. They then declared this by letter and through Arab TV networks emphasizing that they want to oust the Syrian regime and stand side by side with Al-Nusra.

And you think the Pentagon learned a lesson? No.

What happened next is that you had some of the most stupid officials working at the Pentagon announce some stupid press releases. On Monday last week, one Pentagon doofus named Capt. Jeff Davis went on record vowing to defend “the new Syrian forces” (Regiment 30)  against “other sources of threats”.


Pentagon official Capt. Jeff Davis. What’s with the Santa Clause hats? Perhaps this is a Smurfs Christmas Party?

Can it get any nuttier than this? Yes: the vetting process. The Telegraph stated:

“Many rebels, however, were rejected from the training due to a vetting process that filtered out fighters with links to hardline groups. Others refused to participate after being told they could not engage Mr Assad’s troops and instead would focus only on Isil.”

Okay, so if they “vetted” and “filtered” the good from the bad and the ugly, why did the same “vetted members” give public allegiance to keep unity with Al-Nusra terrorists? It is like someone vetting cobras that promise not to bite, from other cobras that say “biting and poisoning is my nature”. A snake, while it sheds it old skin, does it ever shed its snakiness? Not according to the Pentagon.

And so what was the fate of these Muslim fighters that the US spent $666,666.666 each to fight ISIS? The Telegraph tells us that:

“Those members of Division 30 not kidnapped or killed by Jabhat al-Nusra have now escaped to the Kurdish-majority enclave of Afrin”.

The Telegraph then concludes:

“The latest development may sound the death knell for the Train and Equip program, which aims to create a 5400-strong force capable of fighting Isil.”

My Muslim grand father once told me “you can trust Jews, you can trust Christians, but never trust religious Muslims”.

Was he racist? Hardly. He was logical, even though he himself had to pray five times a day because this is how you keep your head in a Muslim society. At his old age, all he wanted to do is smoke a hukkah and his own rolled Turkish tobacco, play backgammon and drink espresso at the local downtown Shaheen Coffee hangout in Beit Sahour, Bethlehem. I learned a lot from the old man.

While living in the US, I have spoken to generals and many in the military, FBI and Homeland security. I found so many of these to be plain stupid butt-kissers. Of course there were some who are intelligent and others who were plain evil. Before we vet whom to trust or not to trust in the Middle East, we must first vet and weed out who is smart and who is stupid from within our own government. You can’t blame the Arab world who looks at us and says: stupid Americans, when will they learn never to trust religious Muslims?  I say it every morning when I read the media in English. And when I read the media in Arabic I also always say: stupid Arabs, when will they ever learn to trust Jews and Christians before they trust religious Muslims?

This is why I stand for Donald Trump.

“We have incompetent people negotiating trade”

“…We have a bunch of losers, a bunch of political hacks…”

“We use people that are soft and weak and, frankly, stupid and incompetent.”

NEW YORK, NY - JULY 06: Donald Trump attends the 2015 Hank's Yanks Golf Classic at Trump Golf Links Ferry Point on July 6, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)

NEW YORK, NY – JULY 06: Donald Trump attends the 2015 Hank’s Yanks Golf Classic at Trump Golf Links Ferry Point on July 6, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)