The Antichrist Came SEVEN MONTHS AGO And The Tribulation Period Is OVER (We Were All LEFT BEHIND)

By Walid Shoebat

When Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras was appointed Prime Minister of Greece on January 26, 2015, so many prophecy buffs declared him as “the best candidate in history for being the Antichrist”. For months The Bible Prophecy Cult made all sorts of declarations to only see their false-predictions-bubble BUSTD after seven months later the Antichrist resigned his job on August 20th, 2015. So now they do not have the Antichrist. It was a seven month tribulation period and none of them raptured. They were all left behind.


For months as I giggled skipping any article proclaiming the man as Antichrist, I always ask myself, didn’t these ever realize that every end-times Antichrist that was declared throughout history was false? No one from the beginning of Adam until now was able to pin-point who the Antichrist is and everyone who tried became the laughing stock for the world to see.

From loons to mainstream so-called “Prophecy experts” (actually there is no such thing as Prophecy Experts) will the Christian community ever learn that most of what they read and buy is half-baked claims and phony analysis that is void of evidence?

From Saddam’s supposed “Babylon being rebuilt” and a litany of Antichrists:  Henry Kissenger, Gorbachev,  The Pope, Putin, Ayatollah Khomeini, President Clinton, Javier Solana, Barack Obama and even Ronald Wilson Reagan, it all turned out false. Here is one who even guarantees that “Jesus is coming to kill Tsipras”:

Jesus never came to kill Tsipras. This “prophecy expert” was also left behind. Tsipras likes Russia and because he is friends with the Pope (whom this ‘prophecy expert’ says is the false prophet) he then must be the Antichrist.

The fact that there are so many out there saying all sorts of falsities that it is actually becoming terrifying. Leuren Moret and Doug Rokke are a couple of extremely dishonest conspiracy theorists with many other loons who follow them. Moret claims to be “an internationally recognized Geoscientist” and then an “environmental geologist” who was also a “world famous former Lawrence Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab scientist”.

While there is zero evidence for her qualifications and the archives obtained from the California Public Records Act shows that Moret was faking up all these credentials. Moret never worked in the nuclear business and is incapable of uttering one sentence that can be verified. She is now also a “Prophecy expert”. She said that Tsipas (start at 18:00) was an “Iranian” and a “Jesuit agent”. She claims all this without providing any  evidence:

Another example is a flimsy website called Rapture Ready, has an article that gets into all sorts of assumptions over the name Tsipras linking the name to other names of ancient deities. Regardless that they do not know any Greek, they bank on sounding names saying that “Tsipras” since it sounds like the pagan god “Serapis, Sarapis, or Zapparus”, that this is a clue, the man is the Antichrist. It is as claiming that  Tsipras sounds like alien gods and since it also sounds like Ciprofloxacin, the man was sent as an antibiotic by aliens to kill all humanity since humans are viewed as germs to these demonic aliens. Name the claim and you will definitely find followers, especially from the evangelical and messianic groups who are most vulnerable.

They also say that since Tsipras’s birthdate was born one week after Alexander The Great, that this seems to be proof that Tsipras was the Antichrist. It is as if someone runs for some high position in Europe by the name Bob and since Bob rhymes with Gog, this is our man. They also use as “evidence” that when “Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi” presented Tsipras with a black tie he said, ‘I promise I will wear it when we find a viable solution for Europe.'” The readers are so naive to ask: where in the Bible does it say that a black-tie is a clue? All black ties must object crying out ‘racism’!

No where in the Bible does it say that an atheist, a charismatic individual, or whoever tries to fix the economic woes of Europe is “the Antichrist”. Yet these self-proclaimed rookies at Rapture Ready like Cynthia Nuara declared: “we … as watchmen on the wall, warn those who’ll be left behind what to expect”.

Laura as it seems was also “left behind”.

In today’s world, any nutt-case can be “a watchman” regardless if they were clueless to the most basic rules of hermeneutics. The biblical evidence they provide are verses they do not even know how to interpret. For example, Rapture Ready says that: “‘The shaggy male goat represents the king of the Greek Empire.” While this is true, the ancient Greek Empire is not restricted to Cyprus or Athens or even has anything to do with Europe, but encompasses Asia Minor as a whole which today is predominately Turkey and what constituted the Ottoman Empire. Yet when you tell these folks about Turkey, it seems that Turkey is removed somehow from their equation and is replaced with Europe.

Any Bible reader worth his salt can see that such flimsy evidence has noting to do with what Scripture prescribed on how to spot the Antichrist. These never provide any verses from Scripture except whatever erroneous interpretation they apply to allegoric references which strictly come from Daniel only. So in essence the interpretation becomes Scripture while the Scripture is out the door.

Debunking the euro-centric view is quite simple, just ask: where is Europe or any European nation in the Bible? By the time you go through all the nonsense, the discussion will land on Daniel’s allegories. I have had this discussion with Mark Hitchcock who claims to be a “Prophecy Expert” and by asking him this question, for two hours, he belabored nonsense and as soon as you ask for verses, it was always the same two verses from Daniel with no “European nations” mentioned in either verse. All this discussion back and forth while I unleashed hundreds of verses to prove otherwise. “Rome” in the Bible is “blessed” “city of saints,” Spain in the Bible was a witnessing field, another blessed nation while Asia Minor is “the seat of satan” where all Gentile churches began (7 churches) to combat the devil and where it all ends when satan re-establishes his throne: Antichrist.

They say that because Tsipras is atheist this is a qualification. Yet Scriptures clearly state that Antichrist is not atheist “he as God sits in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God” while it also declares  “Thus shall he (Antichrist) do in the most strong holds with a strange god, whom he shall acknowledge and increase with glory…(Dan.11:39). He claims to be God, acknowledges a god, a foreign god, who is a god of warfare (fortresses). In other words, he is an individual who believes that we need to worship one god and we also can become God. This theology is all over Asia Minor known as Sufism and Fana.

How is it then that the Antichrist is an atheist?

There are literally thousands of people with fake credentials with millions using their flimsy evidence and the scary thing about all this is that they all belong to evangelical churches and messianic synagogues. It seems that the evangelical, messianic and the charismatics attracted most of the lot. This is a serious issue which shows that the foundations of the fundamentalist churches, while claiming to be the lighthouse and beacon of truth, has become mostly a beacon of false propaganda, slander and conspiracy theories. So  instead of being a lighthouse these churches have become the very falling away they so much warned about.

The prophecy mania which uses out of context Scripture has become a cult onto itself, showing that the modern church produced all sorts of conspiracy theorists, paranoia, liars, and phobias who think they have a great destiny and they supposedly get messages from God Almighty claiming to connect directly with the Holy Spirit.

These borderline heretics do not know that they drink judgment claiming themselves as prophets when God never sent them or spoke to them. These usually refuse to repent, they drink the chalice of judgment into eternal hell-fire where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. But dare you warn them, they will scathe you and anathematize you for refusing to accept that they are mouthpieces for God when truly they are mouthpieces of the devil.

Did I go too far to say that these are mouthpieces of the devil? No. Anyone who accuses anyone of being the Antichrist and it turns out false, they need to ask forgiveness from that person since they have committed slander which according to Scripture is just as bad as murder. Jesus spoke seriously of slander. Also, anyone who proclaims that they are the mouthpiece of God and their proclamations turn out false, they suffer serious consequences to being false prophets. Lastly, if the Antichrist appears from Asia Minor and he invades lets say “Russia” (whom the ‘prophecy experts’ say is Gog) and Europe (whom the ‘prophecy experts’ say is the kingdom of Antichrist), it will be the very prophecy ‘experts’ who will cheer behind the very Antichrist whom they warn so much about. This is not from the spirit of God, but from the spirit of Antichrist who switched the subject to have so-called Christians to stand with the devil. Criticizing Greece’s liberalism, the Pope, or Vatican II,  or the homosexual agenda in the Catholic Church, or the lunacies in the Evangelical and Messianic circles is definitely valid. But hatred of Rome (which the Book of Romans blessed as the “City of Saints”), hatred of the Catholic, and hatred of Christian history and hatred of eastern Orthodoxy and hatred of innocent Evangelicals is definitely of the devil.