Navy SEAL Gets Sex Change And Now Is Running For Congress. Christian Man Confronts Him And Reveals That He Is An Agent Of The Pentagon Sent To Advance The Homosexual Agenda (WATCH THE VIDEO)

By Theodore Shoebat

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A Navy Seal named Christopher Beck got a sex change operation and now walks around in a dress and identifies himself as a woman, and is now running for Congress in Maryland. When I read this ridiculous story about this freak, I couldn’t help but wonder, “If a man doesn’t even know what gender he is, how could you except him to be a good leader?” This mutant is delusional, and all those who support him are part of the delusion.

When I first heard about this mutant who was a SEAL and now walks around wearing a dress, and who is now running for Congress, the first thing that came to mind was the movie Silence of the Lambs. That movie is not just a horror movie, its an educational film about what homosexuality and “transgenderism” is really about.

Christopher Beck, a delusional mutant

Christopher Beck, a delusional mutant

This freak wants to become a congressman, and we should never desire nor allow such a delusional person to be in politics. I decided to confront Beck’s campaign. I called and confronted his campaign manager, Republican Mike Philips, a loser who lost in his attempt to run for Congress in Maryland. Mike is also part of the delusion, since he admitted to me that Beck’s DNA is male, while at the same time referring to him as a “she” and a “her.” Its completely dishonest and only validates the current delusion of the psycho invasion that only desires to redefine truth. And since God is The Truth, we know that the fixation on redefining truth is only an attempt to rival God, Who holds all things and against Whom no one can win. Mike also believes that the murder of an individual baby life is okay as long as the child was conceived in rape. Mike, a true coward, hung up the phone on my face.

Mike Philips, Republican who lost and now whores himself to a freak who wears a dress and got his penis cut off

Mike Philips, Republican who lost and now whores himself to a freak who wears a dress

After getting defeated, Mike has now whored himself to the homosexual agenda, supporting and campaigning an agent being used by the Pentagon to advance the homosexual and anti-human agenda. While looking at Beck’s website, there is a list with names of Democratic leaders in Maryland. The names on the list include Democrat leaders Cliff Savoy, Lauretta Miles, and Jewell Braugnier.

I called up Cilff Savoy, the Chairman for the Calvert County Democratic Party Democratic Central Committee of Calvert County. When I asked Cliff about Beck, Cliff hung up the phone on my face. What I don’t understand is that if a “transgender” running for office is so great, why are these “progressives” so hesitant to discuss it with someone who disagrees with them?

Cliff Savoy, coward who hung up the phone rather than discuss a dangerous and delusional abberation and government infiltrator

Cliff Savoy, coward who hung up the phone rather than discuss a dangerous and delusional aberration and government infiltrator

I also called Lauretta Miles, the president of the Northern Democratic Club of Charles County. She was quite illusive in answering my questions, and never gave any opinion on Beck. I also called Jewell Braugnier, president of the Western Charles County Democratic Club. Braugnier sincerely believed that Beck was a woman; no one told her that Beck was a cross dressing freak, so I was obligated to inform her. She was shocked to hear the truth and was glad that I told her. She wasn’t even told that her name was on Beck’s website. Braugnier didn’t like Beck anyway because Beck sent her an email in regards to a speaking event, and when Braugnier responded, Beck never responded back. I filmed all of the conversations and compiled all of them into one video:

Beck is a walking delusion, and a living aberration against nature, order, and truth. God is the The Truth — He is the absolute Truth — and whoever dares to attempt to change reality, dares to rival God Himself. Beck is an infiltrator, sent by the Pentagon to percolate the homosexual and depraved ideology of the antichrist modernist heresy.

With tax payer money, the US government payed for Beck to push for “transgenders” to be in the military. One Pentagon official said:

Who’s paying for this?… Especially in these trying fiscal times with reduction-in-force boards, selective early retirement boards and early terminations for our enlisted ranks, someone is wasting money by mainstreaming a transgendered veteran?

Last year, Beck spoke to the Department of Intelligence Agency for its annual “Pride Month”. The walking abomination also was given an award from DIA Director Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. According to the DIA’s newsletter, in the speaking event Beck pushed for “allowing transgenders in uniform.”

Elaine Donnelly, president of the Center for Military Readiness, rightfully objected to this perversion by saying:

Before President Obama imposes another extreme element of LGBT law, he should consider the consequences for the majority of men and women in uniform… They should not be forced to participate in an unprecedented social experiment that does nothing to strengthen our military.

This whole thing is a conspiracy, designed by the devil worshippers in the government to push for this satanic aberration. The only thing that needs to be done by the state is the punishment of evildoers the rewarding of the righteous. The Scripture says,

A woman shall not wear anything that pertains to a man, nor shall a man put on a woman’s garment, for all who do so are an abomination to the Lord your God. (Deuteronomy 22:5)

Let the state be righteous, and let it use the sword against this demonic subhuman.