Calvary Chapel Refuses To Help Persecuted Christian, And Even Throws Out Christian Man For Wanting To Talk About The Islamic Persecution Of Christians And The Islamic Antichrist

By Theodore Shoebat

The pastors of America need to stop being weak, to stop using God as a shield to cover their cowardice, and start using their platforms and authority to do whatever they can to help their persecuted brethren. We at Rescue Christians have dealt with many pastors and churches. The congregations of America are very righteous, and very charitable and helpful, but the pastors who are willing to help themselves are far and few.

One example is pastor Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills. We told him about a Christian we were trying to get out of Pakistan. Jack Hibbs agreed to be a sponsor for the man from Pakistan, but later pulled out. His wife, Lisa Hibbs, told my father, Walid Shoebat, that God told her to renege on their agreement. I interviewed Walid Shoebat to recount what occurred:

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Lisa Hibbs, claims to be a mouthpiece for God

Lisa Hibbs, claims to be a mouthpiece for God

Moreover, pastor Danny Hodges of Calvary Chapel St. Petersburg in Florida, canceled my father in the middle of the event because “the Lord” told him so. The pastor agreed to have my dad over to do several sermons. In the first sermon my dad said that anyone who accepts the Antichrist will be damned. After the sermon, Hodges told my dad that he needed to cancel the event because it offended “baby Christians.” When asked why, Hodges blamed God. God told Hodges that Walid Shoebat should speak at his church, and then told him again to cancel him? These heretics make God to be a liar. They do not speak to God, but the devil, and make the same assertions as Muhammad, that God speaks to them.

Danny Hodges and Lisa Hibbs do not realize the seriousness of such blasphemy, claiming to be the mouth piece of God and making the claims of every cult leader in history.

Pastor Danny Hodges, delusional, blaspheming, and dishonest

Pastor Danny Hodges, delusional, blaspheming, and dishonest

A Christian man named Chris Garcia was thrown out of Calvary Chapel for wanting to talk about the Islamic persecution of Christians. Mr. Garcia was kicked out of Calvary Chapel Montebello in California by pastors Pancho Juarez, Carlos Mendoza, John Paul Jones  because he was urging the church to bring awareness about Saeed Abedini, a fellow Calvary Chapel pastor who is now in prison in Iran for preaching Christianity to Muslims.

Pastor Pancho Juarez

Pastor Pancho Juarez did an interview with Chris Garcia and he explained the story:

This is truly a disgrace, for Calvary Chapel pastors to be so callous toward a fellow pastor, Saeed Abedini, who is now in prison.
Chris sent pastor Pancho this email in regards to Saeed Abedini:

I’m sure you know about the pastor who is to be put to death in iran. I know you said its not your calling to get involved in politics but a Christian pastor is about to die, do you think God will honor our silence in these type of matters? He has two young children. If the Church was vocal and had faith of a mustard seed we could move the mountains (governments). These matters are all of our calling! My heart is in pain for this man and his family. Silence does not glorify, honor, or even give a good representation of our Lord. Its time pastor to make a stand for the Lord and His saints!

Later on, pastor Pancho sent Chris Garcia several nasty emails after Chris sent him reminders on Christian persecution and Saeed Abedini’s imprisonment. In one of the emails he told Chris in an email:

Leave me alone. Your point has been considered and we got it. Pray for me. That’s all.

You’re beginning to feel like a hemorrhoidal, untamed folicle!

No need to respond


Chris was attending Pancho’s church for 20 years; all of a sudden he was “a hemorrhoidal, untamed folicle”? It should have been easy to spot Chris as a troublemaker after so long. It shows that he was a cordial congregant, and never had bad intentions. He just wanted to push the church to address a very important issue.

John Paul, another pastor in the church, sent Chris an email affirming that he could no longer attend the Calvary Chapel building on account of his spreading the message on Islam and Islamic persecution of Christians:


This is an e-mail that I had no desire to write, nevertheless it is my duty to inform you that you are not welcome to continue fellowshipping at Calvary Chapel Montebello. Some time ago we had a conversation in which we spoke about how it was not going to be tolerated any attempted to undermined the authority of our pastor and what is being taught from the pulpit; unfortunately time and time again we see our selves in the need to inform you to please stop questioning the teachings and the vision that God has given Pancho Juarez. After a pastoral meeting that took place this morning, we have decide that it is best for our congregation that you may not continue to come to CCM. We request from you three simple things:

1. Do not come to CCM. If you come, the police will be called and you will be escorted off the property.
2. Do not send any email to our congregation or staff. Any emails that are considered to be threading will be delivered to the corresponding authorities.
3. Do not call CCM, our staff members or members of our congregation as a sign of respect.

This has been the outcome of your insistence in sharing your views with our members and staff at CCM. In the same way that you were told not to go to Calvary Chapel Golden Springs, you are now asked to stop coming to Calvary Chapel Montebello.

May you find a fellowship in which you and your family can feel at home and grow in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

God Bless Christopher.

John Paul.

Pastor John Paul Jone

Pastor John Paul Jone

“The vision that God has given Pancho Juarez”? Such words are indications that this is a cult. Pancho Juarez is more like Pancho Villa than a pastor.

The church of Pancho did not want to provide Chris the time of day to hear what he needed to say, so we at did what his church should have done and gave him the platform. And now the church is complaining? And I know what many of you are going to say: “Pancho talked about Saeed Abedini” or “We had a ‘pray for Saeed’ service at the church!” Here is what you need to understand: Pancho’s church did not have any of these services for Abedini until after Chris rattled the church’s cage and pushed them to do something, and this website began to present Chris’ voice for the world to hear.

One of these is pastor Wes Denham of Calvary Chapel Troy, Missouri. Wes sent me several messages questioning the story of Chris. In one message he told me, “I greatly question his side of the story, since Saeed is a Calvary Chapel pastor…and Pancho has held vigils in support of him…that’s all.” He said “I greatly question his side of the story,” yet when Chris told Wes that he didn’t believe in the story, Wes flatly denied it, contradicting himself. He also said, “If you are spreading the word of a disgruntled man, then your other stories must be questioned as well.”

I had Chris call Wes Denham and this was the whole conversation here:

At the end of the video Wes says that the Pope will make an alliance with the Antichrist. Chris brought up the fact that Rick Warren is harloting with Islam. The truth is that Wes Denham yearns to get a photo with America’s pope, the Muslim loving Rick Warren:

Wes Denham, on the far right

Wes Denham, on the far right

Wes Denham did not even watch our interview with Chris until after the phone call conversation. After he watched the video, he sent me a message:

Ted, just watched Chris’ video online for the first time…he comes across as sarcastic, angry and mean, saying that God did not raise this church up…really? you support someone like that?

Mean? For what? Haranguing a pastor that needed to teach his congregation about Islamic persecution and the coming Islamic antichrist? Let me remind Wes about the persistent widow who pushed the judge for justice. The widow pushed the judge so much, that he said, “Though I do not fear God nor regard man, yet because this widow troubles me I will avenge her, lest by her continual coming she weary me.” (Luke 18:4-5)

To Wes, the widow would be disruptive, and the judge the good guy.

God honors the persistent. Chris was persistent, and where was the justice for him? Chris is a persecuted Christian; he was thrown out of his church for being righteously stubborn, and yet these pastors want us to condemn the persistent widow and praise the tyrannical judge.