BOMBSHELL: Jonathan Cahn ADMITS His Books And His Jewish Calendar Forces Messianic Believers To Deny Jesus Was The Messiah

By Walid Shoebat

For all Christians, Jesus being Messiah, is the central key issue for the faith. This is also true for the Hebrew Roots Movement who use The Hebrew Calendar as the central foundation  for setting prophetic Jubilee and Sabbatical years (Shemitah). This became a major problem when Messianic Rabbi, Jonathan Cahn was confronted on one TV program, when one of his major promoters discovered that his date-setting predictions (of supposed coming calamities on America) ended up denying Jesus as the Messiah had him admit he based his book using calculations based on his own privately concocted new Hebrew Calendar, which never even existed.




We will discuss Cahn’s confession (more on that stunning story, see Jonathan Cahn’s Confession below) but we first need to set the stage. To these movements, the Hebrew calendar, Hebrew language, Hebrew dress code, keeping Kosher … are the modus operandi for observing ancient festivities, especially when they declare “Jubilee years,” or “Sabbath years” (Shemetah).

But there is a major problem: using the current Hebrew Calendar completely makes null-and-void that Jesus was The Messiah, while insisting on the Hebrew Bible (done to avoid using Greek also undermines Jesus’s Messiahship. This Biblical Hebrew Calendar, several Messianic movements claims to being the  “Creator’s calendar” that “provides accurate setting for Jubilee and Sabbatical years” is incorrect. There are endless theories and new concoctions on when these dates are to be set.

First of all, no one can pin-point when creation all started; the calendar which was created by rabbis who denied Jesus as the Messiah, is nowhere found in the Bible and for anyone who claims the faith of Messianic Judaism, to insist on the calendar’s  accuracy would make Daniel 9’s Seventy Weeks un-qualify Jesus as Messiah.


shm1 copy

This presents a mega-problem with eternal consequences. While some object “why should that matter so long I believe in Jesus?”

Well, just read on.

As you will see demonstrated here, unless these deny that Jesus was the Messiah, it is impossible to follow the Hebrew Calendar. Any historian worth his salt can tell you that when the Jews calculated the Hebrew Calendar, they began by studying the history of the Babylonian Empire when it was overthrown by the Medo-Persian Empire (539 B.C.), and it is the length of the Persian period that is in dispute which threw off the date. The rabbinical chronology says it lasted 52 years (with 34 years of domination over Israel). The accepted chronology of historical experts says it lasted 207 years.

So which is right? The answer is: history and not the rabbis who knew limited history.

The Jewish History in Conflict by Mitchell First, an Orthodox Jew himself is amongst several scholars who proved that one major goal of using the Hebrew Calendar is to displace Jesus as Messiah. Using the best historians pointing first to the narrative works of the Greek historians of the Persian period, men like Herodotus and Thucydides who agree that the Persian rule spanned the years 539 to 332 B.C. and included the reign of ten kings, not four as the Rabbis had thought. Mitchell First states that it is unlikely that the Jewish sages in the 2nd Century had access to these histories, but even if they did, they probably held them in contempt just as many hold in contempt experts today because of their religious or denominational bent.


The unified testimony of later historians like Diodorus and Plutarch in the 1st Century A.D., all of these historians record a much longer Persian period than what is contained in the rabbinical chronology.

Even the conventional chronology which consists of Old Persian cuneiform inscriptions from ancient Persian palaces which were deciphered in the 19th Century agrees exactly with the chronology of the Persian kings constructed from the narrative works of the Greek historians.

The rabbinical error occurred because of the misinterpretation of Daniel 11:2 which mentions only four Persian kings. This passage, as it turns out, was never meant to be an enumeration of all the Persian kings but rather a reference to the mightiest whose reigns were of the greatest consequence to the Jewish believers.

This brings us to another major problem with Prophecy ‘experts’ who pay little attention to history. It is not only the Rabbis who err by not acquiring the perspective of valid reputable historians, a similar case-in-point is when theologians interpret Daniel 7, when God warns of “four beasts”. These four empires were never meant to include every empire, but only the main empires that threaten God’s people until the end of the age. John in fact, gives us a sequence of seven kingdoms. Daniel was not concerned or even included any of the other ancient empires from China to the Aztec. It was only the Empires that threaten God’s people: believers throughout Old Testament and New Testament times.

If we are to be concerned with all empires, are we then to be concerned with the Holy Catholic Roman Empire as many claim? If so, why not be concerned with the British Empire, which is predominately Protestant? This would switch the Antichrist from coming out of Catholic Rome to Protestant England.


We documented countless books that ignore History as key, see case here, where many theologians make outlandish claims realizing that fact-cheking and history is not the gift of the believer, especially Americans who are generally poor on the subject of history. No one can understand the Bible being ignorant of history. The Bible is not only theology, but is also history.

Likewise, calendar dissidents who insist we follow “the calendar God gave to Moses” cannot go back for historical support more than the period of the latter part of the Second Temple and the third and fourth centuries AD where rabbis who wanted nothing more than to remove Christ as the obstacle in their interpretations.  The rabbis, as it turns out, misinterpreted Daniel’s famous prophecy of the 70 weeks of years (Daniel 9:24-27) where God was going to accomplish a period of 490 years commencing with the reconstruction of the Jewish Temple. Their starting point was the destruction of Solomon’s Temple and their ending point was the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 A.D. They then assumed that was a time period of 490 years from which they subtracted 70 years for the Babylonian captivity, leaving 420 years for the life span of the Second Temple.

But as history tells us, the actual time period from the start of its construction to its destruction was 527 years, a  difference of 107 years. When you add the 70 years of captivity, you come to a difference of 177 years. And to that must be added the 79 years between the first return in 536 B.C. and the edict to rebuild in 457 B.C. That brings the total difference to whopping 256 years!


Benny Isaacson, another person who has studied this issue in detail in his article in the Encyclopedia Judaica states that Rabbi Yosef seemed to be bound by a prior rabbinic tradition to assign 420 years to the Second Temple period. Thus, after Yosef distributed a total of 386 years to the periods of Greek, Hasmonean and Roman dominion, he was left with only 34 years to give to the period of Persian dominance. Mitchell quotes three Jewish scholars who bluntly state that they are convinced that the idea that the Jewish Sages purposely stated an incorrect chronology of Daniel 9 in order to prevent people from using the passage to accurately predict the time when the Messiah would come.

Accepting the Hebrew Calendar would mean one also has to accept the historically inaccurate interpretation of the passage by the Jewish Sages namely, that Daniel’s period of time ends in 70 A.D., then the 483 years falls in 63 A.D., at least 30 years after the death of Jesus, this would be ruling Jesus out as a candidate for the Messiah.

Some Messianic crazies, realizing the problem, are trying to even come up with a different calendar saying that we are now in 6014 which is a different matter for a different time.

So let us now take piece by piece what self-appointed Rabbi, Jonathan Cahn did when he frequently used the Hebrew calendar to send a message from God of an impending catastrophe. Cahn ended up pointing to September 13th, tomorrow, in which he claims we might face an impending catastrophe in the U.S.

Not much will happen tomorrow.

People need to be warned, playing with calendars is a sign of hidden-hatred towards traditional Christianity as if the Church lived in slumber until we all spoke a few words of Hebrew. The Bible clearly warns us that it is the ‘spirit of Antichrist’ that desires to “change set times” (Daniel 7:25). Hitler, a Jews hater, wanted to change the calendar to when Nazism established its dominion in Germany. The same was for the evil French Revolution when the monarchy was abolished, and even Islam, way before, changed their calendar to Hijrah when Muhammad occupied the Jewish city of Yathrib in Arabia.

Many are hoarding cash under the mattress and are keeping Kosher fearing Obama’s approved Halal-Kosher spam.


There is a dire-warning with meddling in such calculations and Christians following Hebrew roots (including all the date-predictions) need to take note, that casting an impending catastrophe on the United States based on certain calculations are simply scare-tactics that are meant to sell an agenda. Catastrophes happen within God’s providence and on His own timing. Anyone can tell that the Stock Market these days is doing poorly. This is not a sign.


To show how poorly Cahn’s homework was, I will expose the funniest but saddest story. One defender of Cahn is David Reagan of the Lion and the Lamb Ministries, another one of the “Holy Roman Empire is Antichrist” theorists, who jumped-up-and-down when I shared a platform with him in Oklahoma for my proposal that Antichrist will not rule the entire world, especially America. Reagan promoted and featured  Cahn’s works in one article declaring him as “prophet to America”:

” … Look folks, many of us need to stop nitpicking everything the Lord is trying to tell us and just listen to what He is saying in whatever manner He chooses to say it …

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Reagan chastises anyone who claims that Cahn is a “false prophet” then sets the biblical parameter, that to prove otherwise, Cahn has to do some date setting and be wrong: 

“the Bible defines a false prophet as one who prophesies events that do not come to pass. If Rabbi Cahn prophesied that a specific event would take place on a specific date and that date were to come and go without the event happening, then he could legitimately be labeled as a false prophet. But he has done no such thing.”

So here comes the kicker, Cahn later wrote his Shemetah in 2014 setting up dates galore. Reagan then was left with but few choices, especially that Reagan exposed how the Hebrew Calendar denounces the Messiah. Reagan had to either: 1) support Cahn’s theory or 2) Accept a faulty Hebrew Calendar which proves that Jesus was not the Messiah or 3) get Cahn to repent of his weird calculations or 4) denounce Cahn as “false prophet” as he proclaimed in his previous article where he announced Cahn as “An End Time Prophet To America”.

Reagan being caught between The Rock (Messiah) and the hard place confronted Cahn on his TV and the short debate ensued:

“One of the problems I have with your theory is that the Jewish calendar is a mess. It’s a mess! It’s lacking about 250 years that should be in there, because the sages short-termed the Persian rule …”

Awakened to this fact Cahn argued back:

“the Shemitahs were observed. The every 50-year Jubilees were not” … it is very hard to figure out anything with the Jubilee, so, there is a mystery here …”

After Cahn admitted the major hole in his theory, its impossible to figure out Jubilee years, the madness continued where Cahn abandoned the Hebrew Calendar and then the two tried to establish yet a new Hebrew Calendar altogether. They argued as to when such a calendar should start. “When Israel became a nation in 1948,” argued Reagan. He needed to vindicate his prophet. “No” argued Cahn, it should be “when the Jews started returning in the 19th Century”.

Both fell in a Jesus style checkmate!

Reagan would have to announce Cahn as a “false prophet” or Cahn had to adjust his date-setting. There was no other choice. After all, Reagan declared: “If Rabbi Cahn prophesied that a specific event would take place on a specific date and that date were to come and go without the event happening, then he could legitimately be labeled as a false prophet.”

Cahn objected to Reagan’s proposal. Why? It made a huge problem for Cahn since the Shemitah years are now 1954-1955 (where nothing of significance happened) all the way to 2010 (where no curse happened) and then this coming Shemitah (tomorrow’s) will instead land on 2017.

Realizing the whole puzzle was falling apart Cahn then gives the most meaningless gobbledygook; an unintelligible use of abstract nonsense:

Here is the thing, Dave, the fact is regardless of when we think the Shemitah falls, here are the years of financial collapse that happen on Elul 29. It’s universal as far as when it happens. Financial drops happen on the Shemitah sign. Regardless of what one thinks in the way of timing, go back to the fact that these exact times all happen every seven years. Look again at Wall Street. Look back. It is happening according to Elul 29. It’s like saying God wove the Sabbath Year into His judgment plan.

It is nothing but a shotgun blast of absurdities. God “wove the Sabbath year,” which “no one can determine” into the Stock-Market, regardless of the rule that a Hebrew Calendar “must be observed”?

Everything fell apart.

The second trick is simple to catch, take a market dip on Elul 29, (September 29th, 2008) mark it, and measure back seven years and claim that this was the starting point of the Shemitah seven year sabbatical. Then announce that as ‘evidence for fulfillment of a seven-year sabbatical’ where “God wipes out all debt”.

Anyone can take any span of time and can make up seven year intervals for all sorts of things. I can say that wars happen every seven years and can find a war in 2001 and another in 2008. The only problem is that a keen eye can also find some battles in 2002, 2003 … and therefore destroy my theory.

The other major fib, Cahn made a “seven-year Sabbatical” as a rule by using the rise and fall of the stock market. Seven-year stock market cataclysms is simply false. We took him on his challenge and he is always welcome to call, we will air the debate (he won’t since he can’t) Cahn knows the gig-is-up. So here is the chart from the entire century and we have no “sabbath cycles” whatsoever:

chart2 copy

We can find falls in 1901, 1904, 1915, 1918, 1920 and in 1929 where the Shemitah (Sabbath year) was linked to the Great Depression, yet the crash of 1929 was not even on a Shemitah year (that is even if we accept Cahn’s calendar when the Shemitah began).

Even September 13th, this coming Sunday, where Cahn predicts the possible catastrophe, the stock market is closed so it just might be fire-and-brimstone. God forbid your “flight is on the Sabbath” and forget Sunday worship, head for the hills, just in case.

Then we go from 1937 to 1941 where the U.S. dipped into a correction and then we seem to be blessed again all the way to the Haight-Ashbury‘s days when it was all out sex and drug season which started in the 60’s all the way to the early 70’s. It all zigzagged pretty steady without falling on any seven-year Shemitahs.

Then when America finally had enough partying, during that time it was a stock-market blessing.

Then God cursed us in 1974 with a dip in the stock-market when America slightly repented. So when Calvary Chapels boomed all over America and when Billy Graham was at the height of his ministry spreading the Gospel and was deemed as “America’s pastor” in the middle seventies it seems that God “cursed us” by dipping the market.

If we accept Cahn’s premise, it is the devil, and not God, who is the controller of the Stock Market and we are getting cursed when we “obey” and are blessed when we “disobey”.

Then in 1976 we must have repented and the stock shortly after boomed all the way till 2000 to only have behave badly again in 2001 when we must have deserved Al-Qaeda and in 2007 it crashed because we elected Obama.

By then, the Almighty must have failed to send us Prophet Jonathan Cahn to predict 9/11 before these catastrophes unfolded and he only came after the fact to “deliver us from evil”.

Realizing the gash in his theory Cahn had to save face, his last attempt to defend his falling deck of cards he gave another fib:

“Dave, you once mentioned in an article that the 2008 Stock Market plunge was by 777 points. Did you know that was also the day of the seventh year — the Shemitah year — from the Bible?

Really? A Shemitah year from the Bible? No one knows when these biblical Shemitah years fall on today’s calendar.

And to show how he concocted his scheme is quite easy. You take 2008 crash, since its an Elul 29th when the market crashed, and go back to Elul 29th 2001 and its voila! you have set the correct Hebrew calendar, and its “straight from Scripture” as Cahn says:

“these exact times all happen every seven years” and even emphasizes “down to the hour and minute”. The nearly 700 point drop in the DJIA (just over 7%) on 9/17/2001 and 777.7 point drop in the DJIA on 9/29/2008 (just below 7%) were two of the three largest Dow point drops in U.S. history

But this is also false. Here are the dates of concern:

September 23rd, 1987 (Elul 29, 5747) to September 5th, 1994 (Elul 29, 5754)
September 17, 2001 (Elul 29, 5761) to September 29, 2008 (Elul 29, 5769)

So what happened in the stock market on September 23, 1987? Here is the New York Times:

“The stock market surged higher, propelling the Dow Jones industrial average to its biggest single-day point gain ever. The sudden 75.23 point surge in the Dow stunned traders and analysts alike.”

And what happened on September 5th, 1994? Nothing. It was Labor Day just as September 13th, 2015 (tomorrow) is a Sunday holiday.

So why focus on September 17th, 2001 just because the Dow fell 6.98%, when it also fell 4% on March 12th, 2001? What about March 14th, 2000 when the stock dipped 5.66%? Why not start at the year 2000?

And what about the 2008 crash on Sept 29 when the stock market fell 6.98% [God missed .02% to make a perfect number],  was it the end of a Shemitah year? No.

Again, No one knows when the Shemitah year begins or ends. No one.

In other words, Cahn chose one day (after the fact) where the stock dipped on an Elul 29th, and viola, here ends the Sabbath year regardless that there was no dip 7 years previosuly on the same day.

But it even gets worse. We also had similar dips on October 7th 2008, 9th, 10th, 15th and 22th and December 1.

Cahn, realizing later that his prediction falls on a Sunday (ouch) notes that the last day that markets will be open prior to Elul 29 will be Friday, September 11, 2015. This is yesterday.

Anyone got eaten by invading giant mosquitos? Any crashes?

Indeed, a giant crane fell in Mecca.

Cahn’s, Blitz’s and Hagees March 20th solar eclipses in 2015 turned bankrupt and now we must wait for the other which will occur on the last day of the Shemitah tomorrow.

chrt1 copy

dj1 copy

And so when Reagan challenged him to ensure his validity (accepting that the use of the Jewish calendar was false), he then  pulled another whopper, he accepted that the Hebrew Calendar can never determine Jubilee years. So to cover up his tricks, Cahn then hid behind a front claiming that “hey if I am wrong” why then are all these Wall-Street experts consulting with him:

“after I wrote the book, all these Wall Street guys acknowledged the seven year cycle …”

No one, not even Cahn can confirm any major figure from Wall-Street consulting with him or admitting that a seven-year cycle exists.

Many prophecy “experts” turn to “consultants”. Joel Rosenberg, another prophecy ‘expert’ claims to be Netanyahu’s advisor when there is no evidence of such a claim. Anyone is welcome to try to find it and send us the evidence. From having a tourism Pow-Wow where Israel selects Christians to aid in encouraging tourism from the U.S., to becoming a major consultant for the Prime Minister of the State of Israel, is simply applying gluten (stretch the fact). Always adding as much gluten to prove a best-seller is quite the job when the followers are mostly naive.

Reagan had to finally write an expose and abandon Cahn’s work “I think this new book by Cahn is most unfortunate” yet never followed up on his promise to denounce a date-setter’s false prediction as “false prophet”, especially when these use a calendar that denies Jesus as Messiah.

And why should Reagan worry. Reagan is an annihilationist by his own admission. “Hell is temporary” and then comes complete annihilation of all the unsaved where pain is no more.

Here is my prediction (and I rarely make predictions):

PREDICTION 1: The Shemitah will fail this coming Sunday and these false stargazers and prograstinators will run for cover, and huddle behind what is left of the “blood moons”.

PREDICTION 2: They will tell you to wait regardless that the Jewish festivals of 2014-2015, which were bounded by four “blood moons,” the total lunar eclipses, with reddish tinge, failed. And since Tetrads came and gone, they will tell you to “wait for more tetrads to come”.

PREDICTION 3: The so-called faithful will get milked like dumb goats before the slaughter.

PREDICTION 4: When nothing happens September 13th, tomorrow, they will run to huddle behind the last of the Blood Moon Tetrad, which happens to be a Super Blood Moon on September 27-28, 2015. After September 28, John Hagee (whom I also unfortunately knew) and Mark Blitz (whom I turned down a cruise to speak alongside that heretic) will be silent. It will be business as usual.

PREDICTION 5: All this will end up a baseless hoax as with Y2K, Harold Camping’s date setting for the parousia, Gerald Coates’ fixed date New Zealand earthquakes that never came, John Hinkley’s evil being tanked from the earth, Kenneth Copeland’s 1 billion Moslems being saved, the prophetic predictions of Rick Joyner and Bill Johnson concerning Todd Bentley, Benny Hinn’s imprecatory prophecy, the 1991 UK failed prophetic predictions of Mike Bickle and his Kansas City false prophets, and Pensacola apologist Michael Brown (whom I also interviewed with) having people up half of the night in Jerusalem at a messianic conference awaiting the second Pentecost geo-prophetically predicted – the boy has again cried wolf, and the boy’s name is Mark Blitz.

Why am I so confident that my 4 predictions are correct?

It is because no true prophet will ever say: “My goal is not to convert Jews to Christianity” says Blitz who fed his predictions to Hagee and Cahn as they suckled for years off each other.

How could God speak through such Judaizing cults? It is impossible.

You have already watched Cahn on video admitting there is NO WAY to determine Jubilees. All these calculations then fall apart. Yet in his book he completely says the opposite:

“of special note that this is 40th Jubilee Year since Jesus was crucified in Jerusalem. It is also the 70th Jubilee year since the first one was proclaimed by God. The number 40 is the Biblical time period of redemption. The number 70 has the Biblical meaning of perfect completion. So this coming Jubilee Year will very likely have very special meaning for mankind. Perfect completion of redemption”.

A true prophet cannot err in his predictions. Impossible.


So to save face, they must sound like prophets:

“Be prepared! Be right with God! Repent!”

What few understand is this: using the Bible to do financial astrology is a very serious heresy to God.

These say “repent”  ad nauseum forgetting that they themselves are not “right with God” and are lying through their teeth.

The message is rather strange, that a “financial blessing,” or that “a stock uptick” determines when we must have been good and a dip marks when we are bad. Is God all about money and money is the yardstick?

This is an evil generation.

They even object more: “Cahn said that he never did any date-settings and only called for repentance”.

So lets examine this. Cahn writes: “Nothing significant has to happen,” and “it is wise to note the times”.

So on the one hand a “date is given by the hand of God to judge” while on the other hand “He might not judge” and whether a “shaking and judgment occurs in this Shemitah” or “not,” Cahn leaves no doubt that, “without repentance,” it “will occur,” but only for the U.S and “only God knows when”.

All this is a trickster’s gobbledygook.

So in summary, there is “date-setting” while there is only a claim of “no date-setting” and then there are “judgments”  while there is a claim “there might not be any judgments” and that “Shemitah is only for Israel to observe” while “only America will suffer Shemitah years”. This, all the while sin has reached maximum, when in reality they were better off not knowing Jesus.

Some who argue  that “how dare you. These men know the Lord Jesus Christ”. These need to examine Scripture. The Bible says that someone may “know Jesus” and if they are teaching falsehoods, the Bible says that they are better off to have never known Jesus:

 While they [false teachers] promise them liberty, they themselves are slaves of corruption; for by whom a person is overcome, by him also he is brought into bondage. For if, after they have escaped the pollutions of the world through the knowledge of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, they are again entangled in them and overcome, the latter end is worse for them than the beginning. (2 Pet 2:19-20)

A cult is is usually spotted when the followers insist you remain silent.

Are we not supposed to reveal what comes from an author of confusion?

The whole premise of Cahn’s Shemitah: the date-setting, the foundations, everything, it all crumbles, unless they deny that Jesus is The Messiah or else deny their Shemetah. But denying Jesus as “Messiah” will cause their stock crumble. The ironic thing is that the expose of the calendar problems came from one of Cahn’s foremost defender and promoter: David Reagan.

This brings us to another issue: most who talk of being “Bereans” are not so Berean. I have exposed Berean-Call’s works Woman Rides The Beast which was littered with historic fabrications. They too are welcome to debate their issues.


Which gets me to my important two-decade journey where I got so ridiculed for loving Copts, Orthodox and Catholics. To many I was “the unforgivable heretic” who should have “never converted” and it was “better for you [Walid] to have remained a Muslim terrorist”.

So many I met, who claimed they were “sent by the Lord” yet not one, nay, not even one, can confirm that the “Lord” sent them.

These need no repentance?

I have a message to these:

come to me all you who prophecy with miracles, signs and many wonders and I will prove you false. Replicate the Shroud of Turin that we may believe you. But you are less than nothing and your works are utterly worthless; you and whoever chooses you is detestable.

Are we not dealing here with heretics, false prophets and a wicked generation seeking signs and wonders? Aren’t these even graver sins than the sins they are proclaiming judgments when only God can proclaim judgments? Dare you rebuke and you will get chastised by another cult: The Lamb And Lying Ministries.

Adding to the list of participants who aided the heretics are all who promoted the scare-tactics: every website, every radio, every TV and every Church pastor who sold such heresy. This constitutes a huge bulk of this movement.


In reality, most of the John Hagee’s Blood Moon “support Israel” crowds and most who even warn to “beware of Replacement Theology” are in fact, anti-Israel and are the most replacement theology advocates ever.

My evidence for Replacement Theology is this: There is no greater Replacement Theology than to take the laws of God which were appointed by God for Israel and to pass them to gentile America, a law that applies only to God’s exclusive covenant people, the Jews, is the crux of what Replacement Theology is.

Hagee’s followers cry out about Blood Moons and see America as an extension of Israel. It is as if one sees his neighbor’s wife as an extension of his harem.

I speak to so many Jews who complain to me about this and in fact see it a hindrance to see Gentiles dressed up in Jewish garbs robbing what is theirs. Just ask Rabbi Tovia Singer, whom I also know personally, he complained about these frauds who guise themselves as Jews when they are pure-bread Gentile mutts and a synagogue of Satan.

Using half-truths is always the method of Conn-artists. While the Bible says that we will have “blood moons” it added: “the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood” (Rev 6:12-13) that including “stars hailing down” …

Even I would reserve that a completely allegoric interpretation to all this could be valid. Now, all of the sudden, we are all to expect this to be just around the corner, while 2 Thessalonians 2 begs to differ?

So many whom I knew and respected turned out heretics. So many where “women teachers” who proclaim messages from God. “Jonathan [Cahn] is a 21 century [prophet] John,” says Jan Markel (whom I also knew and interviewed with several times) as if now the Harbinger needs to be appended to John’s Book of Revelations:

“Jonathan Cahn, a Messianic Jew, is a 21st century John or Jeremiah but in the right sense! He is not some out-of-order prophet. He got stuck with unraveling a code given to him by God. Cahn himself calls it, mind-blowing. Then Ishmael and Isaac meet as Joseph Farah, of Arab heritage, who enters the scene to produce one of the most brilliant films you will ever see, giving the visual effect to further the Harbinger message. Wait! This union just might be of God.”

I know Joseph Farah very well and he is no Arab, he is a proud Lebanese. Christian Lebanese hate to be called Arabs and are proud to say that they are “Phoenicians”. Farah opted for sales. I hope and pray he repents.

Let it all go down the sewer, speaking engagements, radio, TV, it was all as Solomon the Wise said “vanity of vanities”. We can use anything for the cause, selling heretical wares so long we sell, sell, sell.

Angered, that these will drink the judgments of God for lying to sheep, I searched my bookshelve and thrashed to the ground all these works. Everything from signed copies that were given to me by authors of confusion whom I met, I tossed them to the ground, to later be piled in the dustbin, and right into the trash. There are two crowds, the ones who follow God (the wise) and the ones who worship a calf thinking its God (the fools).

Never once since I have became Christian did I ever say “God told me”. Never. For two decades I could not pin-point my finger on the uncomfortable reality I saw everywhere I went from Messianic synagogues to Evangelical churches noticing that something is seriously wrong with most of this modernistic bunch. Something is sickening me. My stomach was always bitter. I am tired of charismatic heresy comparing a Cahn-artist with the prophet John. I finally found the fulfillment of when Scriptures declared:

“People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy” (2 Tim 3:2)

Nothing is more boastful and unholy and is done for the sake of money than to equal someone to one of the greatest of all prophets, John, who boiled in a caldron and is now being used for the love of money. Nothing is worse than what I see from divorces amongst these groups to disobedient children.

They say that September 13 is a day of reckoning with God. But I tell you the truth, September 13th will come and go, and all the reckoning you will get is from me, you heretic sons of Belial.

I am totally convinced that millions of Americans claiming to be “Bible Believers” especially the ones who claim they “love Yeshua” are plain heretics more dangerous than the gambler and the drunkard whom they beg to “repent”.

How could these demand America to “REPENT!” when they themselves are in need of REPENTANCE?

If one wants to spot the heretic fool, it is very simple, just follow Solomon The Wise:

“Do not rebuke mockers or they will hate you; rebuke the wise and they will love you.” Proverbs 9:8

These will always post comments unjustly rebuking us. The same goes for books, sell them foolishness, and since we have more of the fools than the wise, they will consume them like rabid dogs. Sell them wisdom, and it’s a narrow gate.

Cahn’s heresies have been peddled since 2012, just enough time to pocket.  Some of the wise say that when these people set dates, they always make themselves look like fools. While that is true, reality is much worse. The real “fools” are everyone who purchased these books and put their money in Conn-men’s pockets. Anyone who aids and abets heretics and false prophets are responsible. Anyone who predicts dates, according to Christ, is a fool and anyone who follows them is even more foolish.

I hate false prophets. The Hebrew Roots Movement who worry about September 13th will die someday with no one but their fleas to morn them.