True Christians Are Smeared And Slandered Not Loved And Pampered

By Walid Shoebat

Deception, smear and slander is super easy to do but difficult to escape from God’s wrath Who continually warned the faithful “blessed are you when they slander you for My name sake”.

Being a Christian is not an easy task. If you have no wolves in your life and if you are not smeared, you are not sheep. Folks need to stop kidding themselves.

Smear works in that instead of dealing with the message, try to paint the messenger in a negative light. Here is one example from a decade long friend, Joseph Farah at WND:

But a man claiming to be a former Palestinian terrorist turned Christian offers up the ultimate attack on the son of a Jewish refugee from Nazi Germany – alleging that Cahn’s popular theory about the impact of the biblical Shemitah is judgment by God “supports Adolf Hitler.”

So now, I am attacking “a son of a holocaust survivor” and all of the sudden, after decades of fighting anti-Semitism, I am an anti-Semite.

So many were the articles with literally hundreds of references I wrote for World Net Daily including translations and exposes … and I refused the pay where I was always titled as “Former PLO operative turned Christian Arabic-language researcher Walid Shoebat” and now I am just “a man claiming to be a former terrorist”. In other words, when we liked Walid, he was who he claims to be, but now, its doubtful.


The man who was hit with amnesia and the media simply reminded him who he was

All this, from the promoters of “repentance” and “love”. Farah forgot the day when he contacted me for help and I raised over one hundred thousand dollars for his cause in fighting CAIR. I got nothing but his bickering because the donor wanted “favors in return”.

Smear actually works, out of hundreds of vicious slandering comments, I selected but a few:

Walid Shoebat … When it comes to bashing Jews, a muslim is a muslim and always will be a muslim

Shoebat is an Arab… he is NOT a Christian, he is a liar…. much like the liar-in-chief who resides in OUR WH.

Shoebat a former terrorist? Can anyone say Taqiyya? Think about it. He would have been killed long ago as a defector from the faith. To the muslims a defector is worse than an infidel unless….he is waging jihad by deception.

Walid Shoebat is an Arab, first and foremost. You ACTUALLY believe he is a Christian?

somebody better keep a sharp eye on this potential spy…

Does Shoebat not FEAR God that he savagely attacks anointed Jonathan Cahn?

The unappreciative will quickly forget that I was one of the first to coin Taqiyya. I was one of the first Arabs to stand for Jews. I was one of the first who told these prophets of doom who trumpet, “God damn America,” to only expose them with “God bless America”. I was one of the first Arabs to anger demons by saying that:

“hating Catholics is the only accepted prejudice”.

I dare them to tell Jews what they say about Catholics. No man can refute that Pope Pius XII rescued 850,000 Jews to only become the most slandered pope in history. Cahn now just for being a “Jew” is “holy”? All of the sudden, they forget “there is neither Jew or Greek …”

The demons of slander who con themselves of being filled with the Holy Spirit are in abundance with none of them knowing that all they are filled with is dung.

So the argument goes, that one can never write a rebuttal for someone’s claim, if the claimant is Jewish. This is the modus operandi these days as if Judas Iscariot, Bar Kochba, Marks, Lenin … all should be immune from being exposed since they are “Jews”.

All I stated can be summarized like this: if one takes Cahn’s proposal, that the Hebrew Calendar and the economy are the standard of measure for blessings and curses, then:

1-Jesus is no longer the Messiah. If one uses the Hebrew Calendar, Jesus’s crucifixion would land on 63 A.D discounting Him as Messiah. This debunks Cahn’s calculations completely and renders Farah’s books in the garbage bin where they will end up.

2-Christian experts in Germany fed all the stock market data in light of the GDP (Gross National Product which Cahn missed in his book) showed without a hint of doubt, scientifically, that Cahn’s argument fall flat on its face: America had a downturn on the Shemitah after it defeated Hitler in World War II.

Does Cahn support a thesis in which God cursed America for bombing Nazi Germany and a Hebrew calendar that cursed Jesus from being the Messiah? This is simply the fact which we wrote:

university professor, Dr. Adrian Zenz, from Korntal Germany took Cahn on his challenge and tested Cahn’s sabbatical year theory (Shemitah). The expert analysis had one striking (out of many) damning conclusions: if we accept Cahn’s Shemitah (Sabbath) theory by using the stock market data we would have the God of the Bible supporting the Nazis and judging America for destroying Hitler after World War II.

One would think that this alone should be repugnant for someone claiming to be a “believer in Messiah” and “son of a holocaust survivor”.

So what then is the motive of insisting on such calculations?

Answer: it sells. Money for such wheelers and dealers is much more important than any Messiah.

Real smear is simply recognized because it ignores the detailed issues, instead, it would refute everything with statements of piety. Farah responds to our expose with:

Cahn’s entire teaching ministry is based on the foundation that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah and therefore the Messiah of the world.

You see now? Shoebat is now “attacking a man of God”.

A smear campaigner will always accuse you when you expose his error as “you are attacking a servant of God”. I even get so many comments on Cahn that say “The Lord told me to tell you not to touch His anointed”.

With cults, forget the really anointed, forget Jesus, forget Cyrus, forget John ..  We have walking prophets, commenting prophets, TV prophets, blogging prophets, book-selling prophets …. we have more false prophets per capita than any other society on earth. Is this what Cahn is asking America to repent from? No. In fact, these sell you more “prophets of doom”.

The “spirit of fear” is of the devil and is not from God.

Are we not to handle the problem of repentance in our own hearts and instead simply point at the secular world when we are just as bad? We have rampant divorce, acceptance of homosexuality in the church, signs and wonders … an entire religious and adulterous generation that seeks signs and wonders.

Smear campaigners never offer real answers. Cahn rebuttal to the experts is simple, WND reports:

Cahn responded to what he called the “bizarre tirade,” saying the focus of his teaching has for years been to call Americans to repentance and to return to God with the entire weight of their being. It is only by revival and mass repentance that America will avoid judgment

This is no rebuttal. Everyone knows we are all in need of repentance, except for the prophets of doom, of course. These do no wrong.

Cahn, after realizing his date-settings did not bear the fruit of doom on September 13, 2015, tells the 700Club that an earthquake in California was evidence to his prophecy. Fact is, it was an earthquake in Chile which California coast felt. If one takes such silly arguments, the Shemitah than is upon Chile, not the U.S., Chile is the nation which now becomes the extension of Israel, not the U.S.

Shoebat is just a party-pooper,  WND claims:

Shoebat’s first essay also attacked Mark Biltz, … and WND founder Joseph Farah who published the book and produced movies about Biltz and Cahn.

Truth is, I defended Joseph Farah when one woman wrote an article for him calling Cahn “a Messianic Jew, is a 21st century John or Jeremiah … He got stuck with unraveling a code given to him by God. … Then Ishmael and Isaac meet as Joseph Farah, of Arab heritage …”

God sent a code to Cahn? Cahn is like John and Jeremiah? Canh is Jew while Joseph is Arab?

All this nonsense. And I was actually defending Farah:

“I know Joseph Farah very well and he is no Arab, he is a proud Lebanese. Christian Lebanese hate to be called Arabs and are proud to say that they are “Phoenicians”. Farah opted for sales. I hope and pray he repents”

I did what Cahn preached, to ask people like Farah to “repent”.

The mistake I did was this: never ask the ones calling for all this “repentance” to “repent”. These are immune from error. WND ended with:

Shoebat did not respond to an email from WND seeking comment.

Absolutely false. WND failed to produce any attempt to contact us and I have written Farah. He never responded.

Smear campaigners are known when they are guilty of the very thing they accuse you of.

There was only one truth WND stated which was:

Shoebat wrote that Christians should stop buying the books “like dumb goats before the slaughter.”

Indeed. This must have enraged the crowds who are gathering for the storm, doom and gloom upon America. And while they wait, moons have come and gone, dates also … with absolutely nothing to show for what so many spent their heart-earned dollar: hoping for curses on America instead of blessings.

Such are the cults.

All cults say “Jesus” but the key is “you shall know them by their fruit”.

You know how I know that blood moons and shemitahs will yield nothing, and how I know we’re not there yet?

Its simple: we don’t even have a ten nation confederacy yet.

All we have is just doom and rumors of gloom.