Did a nefarious Muslim advocacy group arrange for this little Somali Muslim brat to tell Ben Carson: “I will become the first Muslim president of the United States?”

By BI:  If recent history is any indicator, Somali Muslim Yusuf Dayur has a better chance of returning to Somalia to fight with terror group al-Shabaab than he does of becoming president. But even if he did, he’d be the SECOND Muslim president of the United States.


Last week all we heard about was the arrest of a Muslim teenage student ‘inventor’ who brought a clock he had made to school that looked like a bomb. But he didn’t invent anything, he simply removed the guts from an old digital clock and placed them in a briefcase to look like a bomb. NOW THIS!  It sure stinks of a new ploy by designated terrorist group CAIR to use children to promote Islam. And it’s obvious by his darting eyes that he is reading this little’ impromptu’ speech.