MUSLIM IMMIGRATION JIHAD TARGETS TEXAS…As FBI confirms there is no way to screen so-called ‘refugees’

By BI: EXCLUSIVE: Secret Taped Phone Call (video below) with ‘Refugee Services of Texas’ reveals how Texas is about to be overwhelmed by tens of thousands of unscreened Muslim freeloaders, rapists, and potential jihadists funded by a massive transfer of money from American Taxpayers.


Liberty News  Unlike Europe, which is shuffling the Muslim invaders among ‘refugee’ camps, the US is setting Muslim illegal aliens up with a better life than many taxpayers have. And these same taxpayers are footing the bill. Barack Hussein Obama is making plans to admit from 100,00 – 200,000 Muslim ONLY invaders posing as refugees.

Every single one of them will likely get flights, a furnished apartment, monthly cash, education, healthcare, job placement assistance and more. This all starts the day they arrive.


Obama’s federal government has been bankrolling organizations with billions of dollars in preparation for this invasion of foreigners. And he’s been doing it all right in front of us. None of it is hidden. Well, thanks to media it is hidden… but in plain sight. Obama spent $3 BILLION of our dollars moving Hispanic and Muslim foreigners into the U.S. as refugees last year.

Texas leads the nation in refugee resettlement because unlike most states, Texas has a bustling economy, a great job market and sustainable state government. Additionally, Texas has a vast network of Muslim resettlement agencies and astroturfed (Paid grassroots) refugee communities.


The cost per refugee is unknown, but we know the Syrians coming will get flights, apartments, furniture, education, healthcare, a welcome kit that includes a lump sum of cash, monthly cash payments and job placement programs. We know this because it was all explained in a secretly recorded phone call obtained by a source in Texas.

The caller dialed one of the RST offices as a potential volunteer looking for information. During the course of the call the representative described the program along with the benefits that come with it.

Listen to the call below: