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China Is Now About To Go To War Against ISIS After Muslims Murdered Four Chinese Citizens

By Theodore Shoebat China’s president, Xi Jinping declared that China will go to war against ISIS after Muslim terrorist murdered Chinese citizens. ISIS boasted that it murdered Fan Jinghui, a Beijing man, aged 50 years, together with Ole Johan Grimsgaard-Ofstad of Norwegian. ISIS published the pictures of the men in their magazine Dabiq, dead and […]

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DONLD TRUMP doubles down on “wanting surveillance of certain mosques” in America

By BI: There’s an established precedent for monitoring of mosques, especially amid the recent terror wave. After 9/11 until Bill deBlasio became Mayor, there was constant surveillance of many mosques and Muslims in and around New York City. Trump correctly recalls when Muslims all over Patterson, NJ, were cheering on 9/11.

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UTAH Middle School under fire for homework assignment that asked students to create an ISIS (Islamic State) terrorist Recruiting Poster

By BI: Students in ninth grade at Salem Junior High School were given a homework assignment where they were told to draw a propaganda poster for a savage and barbaric Islamic terrorist organization. After parents complained, the assignment was canceled. However, many students had already completed it, leaving parents concerned about what they had been exposed to […]

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AFGHANISTAN: Islamic State (ISIS) is already running jihad training schools for toddlers and teens

By BI: According to Barack Hussein Obama, ISIS has been contained. Contained in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and now Europe. Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terror group in Afghanistan are training children as young as 3-year-old as they are looking to expand their foothold in the country. The harrowing fact regarding the use of […]

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BOMBSHELL: There Are Massacres Of Christians Happening Right Now That Is Worse Than What ISIS Is Doing And Is Carried Out By Psuedo-Christian Cults

By Walid Shoebat The love of death is becoming popular globally as the world plunges into darkness getting closer to the tribulations. To say that the love of death is primarily ISIS and Islam is a myth. The reality is that there are several death cults manifesting in pseudo-Christian churches which are cropping up luring millions […]

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