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GERMANY: Angry Christian protesters at anti-Muslim invasion rally scream to police: “Go ahead, shoot us!”

By BI: After police break up a protest against the the massive incursion of enemy insurgents Muslim migrants, German Christian protesters tell police to “shoot them, if they have any honor left in them” because they (the police) are “fighting against their own people.” Germany could be facing collapse under the weight of 1.5 million new Muslim freeloaders, rapists, […]

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Major Islamic Terrorist Charge Into Europe And Now Have Secret Base Right In The European Continent

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS agents have infiltrated Europe and now have a secret base right in the Balkans. According to the report: Since the emergence of the extremist Islamic State group (ISIS) in Iraq and Syria, thousands of westerners have joined its ranks. The Western governments expressed fear of the returnee jihadists, who could carry […]

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WILD BILL FOR AMERICA on the violent, hate-filled Muslim Invasion of Europe…made possible by all the multiculturalism promoting, left wing, self-hating Christians and Jews

By BI: You asked for them, Europe. Enjoy watching your daughters gang-raped by Muslims, your sons stabbed by Muslims, your culture eviscerated by Muslims, as you deplete your treasuries to accommodate millions of Muslim welfare queens, rapists, thugs, and jihadists.

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SURPRISE! Man who stabbed four at UC Merced was a devout MUSLIM named Faisal Mohammad

By BI: Merced County Sheriff Vern Warnke has identified the University of California Merced attacker who wounded four in a mass stabbing spree as 18-year-old Faisal Mohammad. They say motive for the attack was “still unclear.” (Riiiiight!) Breitbart  He was a freshman from Santa Clara. Breitbart News previously reported the stabbings at UC Merced, which occurred around 8 a.m. on Wednesday. Police […]

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American Border Patrol Agent In Texas Works With Absolutely Evil Drug Cartel, And Is Helping Mexican Gangsters Come Into The US. This Same Border Patrol Agent Takes A Man In Texas And Cuts His Head Off. The Mexican Drug Cartel Is More Dangerous Than ISIS And It Is Overrunning The US

By Theodore Shoebat A border patrol agent in Texas, named Omar Lucio, alongside several Mexican Gulf Cartel members, beheaded a man. While he was a border patrol agent, who was suppose to protect the border, he was helping the criminals, and participating in, their narcotic and violent crimes. According to one report: A bizarre murder […]

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