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The Homosexuals In Houston Try To Establish Tyranny Against Christians And Also Try Make Law That Will Allow Cross Dressers And Gay Men To Enter Bathrooms With Women. Christians In Houston Stand Up And Vote Against It And Strike It Down

By Theodore Shoebat A victory occurred in Houston in which Christians and other conservatives voted and struck down a measure that would make it illegal to discriminate against homosexuals, thus enabling homo-tyranny, in which Christian bakeries would not have the right to refuse to make cakes for sodomite rituals and ceremonies. They also voted against […]

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Homosexuals In The Military Are Raping And Molesting Tens Of Thousands Of American Soldiers. In Just One Year The Homosexuals Have Raped 57,750 American Soldiers. If You Support The Troops, Then Fight Against The Homosexual Agenda

By Theodore Shoebat Homosexuals in the US military are raping and molesting tens of thousands of American soldiers. If you truly care about the troops, then fight against the homosexual agenda. The government needs to throw out these perverts and have them court marshaled and executed for perversity. I did a whole video on this […]

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Three Muslims In Norway Brutally Rape 14 Year Old Girl. One Of The Muslims In Sentenced To Only 344 Hours Of Community Service, The Other Is Only Sentenced To 17 Months In Prison, And The Other Muslim Is Only Sentenced To 10 Months In Prison.

By Theodore Shoebat Three Muslims in Norway brutally raped a 14 year old girl, and got very light sentences. One of them got only 344 hours of community service; another was sentenced to 17 months and the other was given only 10 months. According to the report: Three African immigrants who brutally raped a 14-year-old […]

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Evidence Is Mounting That The Metrojet Flight 9268 In The Sinai May Well Have Been Brought Down By ISIS Using An Explosive Device

Walid Shoebat Another Russian plane (a cargo plane) has crashed along the banks of the Nile River in Sudan today killing dozens of people in the second deadly crash of a Russian plane in the region in less than a week. Was that crash also “an accident”? Are aircrafts falling from the sky be sheer accidents? […]

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SPAIN: Muslim ‘Christophobes’ break into church, destroy Christian symbols, and spray “Allah” on the wall

By BI: Anti-Christian Muslim bigots are being hunted by police after breaking into a church and spraying ‘Allah’ onto the wall before destroying a crucifix and statues. Will they be charged with a ‘hate crime” or is that only reserved for white people? UK Mirror  The Muslims broke into the Church of our Lady of Carmen […]

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Insider scoop on the downed Russian airliner appears to rule out mechanical failure

By BI: Aaron Klein, an American journalist living in Tel Aviv, who often interviews members of Hamas and other terrorist groups, says that insiders in the group that claims to represent ISIS in the Gaza Strip says they will soon release information purporting to show how ISIS helped to bring down the Russian passenger plane that […]

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