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Mexican Drug Cartel Murders Two Christians Who Are Fighting The Cartels In Major Militia And Burns Their Bodies. These Men Are Martyrs And Christians In America Must Help Their Fellow Christians In Mexico. Christians In Mexico Are Being Slaughtered By The Thousands

By Theodore Shoebat A drug cartel in Michoacan, Mexico, murdered two Christians and burned their bodies. The two men were part of a major militia Las Autodefensas who are fighting the cartels in the state of Michoacan. According to a report: The bodies of two men were found inside a truck in an area of […]

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Chick-fil-A Goes To The Side Of The Antichrist, And Is Now Financially Supporting A Homosexual Anti-Christian Organization

By Theodore Shoebat The list of self-called “Christians” going to the side of the homosexual agenda just keeps on swelling. Chick-fil-A has gone to the sodomite agenda and has decided to spit on all of the Christians who supported them. They are now supporting a homosexual, anti-Christian, organization. For this, they have gone to the […]

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Muslims Sneak Inside Of A Christian Family’s Home And Enter A Room Where They Find A Nine Year Old Boy Sleeping. They Take The Child, The Father Comes Into The Room And Finds His Son Gone. His Heart Is Utterly Broken

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Egypt snuck inside of a Christian family’s home. They entered a room where they saw a nine year old boy sleeping. They stole the boy and left a cell phone in his place. The father entered the room only to find his son missing. His twelve year old daughter told […]

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Muslim Woman Says That Islam Is a False Religion And Accepts Christ As Her Savior. She Goes Into A Church To Be Baptized, A Mob Of Muslims Charge In And Kidnap Her. They Then Grab A Christian Man In The Church And Shove A Knife Into His Stomach

By Theodore Shoebat A Muslim woman in Egypt concluded that Islam is a false religion and decided to become Christian. She entered a church to be baptized, but before the baptism could commence, a mob of Muslims charged inside and kidnapped her. They then attacked a Christian man named Mina and stabbed him in the […]

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CANADA: Just in time for Christmas, new prime minister Justin Trudeau is bringing in 25,000 unscreened Muslims who hate Christians, Jews and gays, prefer sharia to democracy

By BI: How do you do background checks on 25,000 people, coming from a terrorist wasteland, in 7 weeks? Google their names? Ask for a resume? If you’re Justin Trudeau, you do nothing…just send out the ‘halal’ welcome wagons, drop to your knees, and praise Allah. The Rebel  Remember: These are the so-called “moderates.” For liberals, if gay […]

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SHOCKING REVELATION! “If you don’t attack Jews, they won’t attack you”

By BI: Jordanian cleric advises against killing Jews. “If the Jews were killing every Muslim they came across, there would be no Muslims left in the Palestinian territories.” Jordanian cleric Ali Hassan Al-Halabi said, in response to a question, that it is not permissible to kill Jews in Palestine as “there are shari’a agreements that protect […]

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GERMANY: Schools are abolishing a popular Christian festival because it is offensive to Muslims

By BI: Primary schools and kindergartens in Germany have decided to do away with a Christian celebration and are replacing it with a generic “festival of lights” so as not to offend Muslims…the soon to be millions of mostly male Muslim freeloaders and jihadists pouring into the country from all over the Middle East and North […]

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Is German Chancellor Angela Merkel competing with Sweden and the UK to see which country will become the new Muslim rape capital of Europe?

By BI: It’s not fair, Merkel has increased her odds of winning by inviting in millions of young Muslim rapists posing as refugees, from the Middle East and North Africa. I think that’s cheating.  Sweden currently holds the title.

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