Archive | November 10, 2015

It Is Confirmed: The World Governments Are Now Pushing To Advance The Antichrist Religion Globally

By Walid Shoebat We warned last year precisely predicting how Muslim Sufism will become the main key to advance the religion of Antichrist. Sure enough the U.S. and Europe are promoting Sufism as the solution for Islam. Foreign Policy now reports: “With the Syrian civil war in its fourth year—and now with Russia’s direct intervention on behalf of […]

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An Entire Army Of Muslim Terrorists Are About To Conquer A Small Christian Village, But Out Of No Where Five Hundred Christian Warriors Charge Into The Town And Utterly Defeat The Muslims, And They Will Stay There And Fight The Muslims To The Death

Theodore Shoebat ISIS right now is attempting to conquer the Christian village of Sadad in Syria. This holy land, where Christ Himself walked with His divine feet, is on the eye of the enemy who desires with unquenchable blood lust to overrun the town. But, where men are united with God, the Almighty will use […]

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Donald Trump: If I Become President I Will Conduct An Investigation On Hilary Clinton For Her Crimes. The Only Reason Why She’s Running For President Is Because She Doesn’t Want To be Imprisoned

By Theodore Shoebat Donald Trump promised that if he became president he will conduct an investigation on Hilary Clinton for crimes, and he also said that the only reason why she’s running is because she wants to keep herself away from jail. According to the report: Speaking at a presidential campaign rally in Springfield, Illinois, […]

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Donald Trump Declares That He Will No Longer Do Business With Starbucks Because They Have Removed ‘Merry Christmas’ From Their Cups

By Theodore Shoebat Donald Trump declared today that once he will not be doing with Starbucks anymore because they no longer have Merry Christmas on their cups. I hope that Trump’s words will compel Starbucks to submit and honor the Christian Faith. Here is the video: God willing, the actions of Trump and many other […]

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