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The Largest Muslim Nation On Earth Is Struck With Immense Fire Causing The Sun To Turn Blood Red

By Walid Shoebat The photo above is the most Muslim populated nation on earth, Indonesia, which is on fire and the smoke is pitch dark and the levels of haze obscured the skies where one sees the sun as red as blood. You may have heard of the news in passing, but it should be on […]

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IOWA: Knoxville City Council voted to remove a Veterans Memorial because the cross on it offended some people

By BI: So, on Election Day, Knoxville residents voted to remove something of theirs – the City Council members who voted to take the memorial down. Breitbart  On November 2, the city council in a small Iowa town voted to remove a temporary memorial to fallen soldiers from a city park. The memorial was removed because an […]

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WILL EUROPE TURN A BLIND EYE to Muslim paedophiles posing as refugees and bringing their child brides from forced marriages into Europe?

By BI: Muslim Child brides from the Middle East are turning up in refugee centers in The Netherlands, and Dutch authorities are at a loss on how to deal with the problem. Social workers are faced with a horrifying dilemma: return girls as young as 13 to their middle-aged husbands and, in the process, turn a blind […]

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For Barack Hussein Obama, Christian Lives Don’t Matter…The ethnic cleansing of Christians in the Middle East by Muslims is nothing short of genocide

BY BI: In 1915, Christians comprised 20% of the Middle East. Today, they are barely 5% and disappearing fast. Barack Hussein Obama not only refuses to take in any Christian refugees from war-torn Syria and Iraq, he is deporting the ones who are already here. “FAITHKEEPERS, The Movie” is a documentary due to be released in […]

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MUSLIM IMMIGRATION JIHAD TARGETS TEXAS…As FBI confirms there is no way to screen so-called ‘refugees’

By BI: EXCLUSIVE: Secret Taped Phone Call (video below) with ‘Refugee Services of Texas’ reveals how Texas is about to be overwhelmed by tens of thousands of unscreened Muslim freeloaders, rapists, and potential jihadists funded by a massive transfer of money from American Taxpayers. Liberty News  Unlike Europe, which is shuffling the Muslim invaders among ‘refugee’ […]

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The Obama Administration Wants To Kill Christians, It Is Now Blocking Any Weapons From Reaching Christian Militias In Iraq, Because The US Government Does Not Want Christians To Fight ISIS, It Only Wants To Arm And Train The Islamic Terrorists

By Theodore Shoebat The US government is blocking any weapons from reaching a Christian militia, called Dwekh Nawsha, in Iraq. This is just another piece of evidence proving that the Obama administration does not want to help persecuted Christians, but only wants to arm and help the jihadists. Here is the report: Lobbyists in D.C. […]

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ISLAMIC TERRORISM COVER-UP by university in California! Muslim student who stabbed four people and had plans to behead some was on an FBI terrorist watch list and the school knew about it

By BI: Despite the warnings, apparently, nobody was watching Faisal Mohammad at the University of California – Merced. Authorities/Media rushed to call the stabbing spree by this Muslim student “non-terror related” but new information proves otherwise. Faisal Mohammad, 18, was shot dead by police after stabbing and injuring four people and information uncovered in his manifesto showed he […]

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Major Islamic Gang Enters The Home Of A Christian Family, Grabs A Young Girl, Points A Pistol On Her Head And Kidnaps Her. They Make Her Into A Slave, She Begs Them To Release Her, And They Tell Her, “Your Family Is Dead To You,” They Then Take A Baton And Beat Her Over The Head

By Theodore Shoebat A Muslim gang in Pakistan broke into the home of a Christian family and kidnapped the daughter, Chanda, at gunpoint. They later sold her into slavery. She wept and wept, begging her slaver owners to return back to her family, but they callously told her, “Your family dead it to you.” They […]

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