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While Putin Kills Terrorists, Obama Pays Them $500,000,000 Bringing God’s Wrath Closer To A World Which Has Gone Mad

By Walid Shoebat While Putin was shelling the terrorists on Thanksgiving, president Barack Obama signed the Pentagon funding bill which allows $500 million in aid to the very terrorists in Syria that Putin is frying. Obama couldn’t find a better time to sign the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2015 except on the eve of Thanksgiving. So while […]

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Major Pagan Leaders Declare: We Will Slaughter All Christians, We Will Create A River Of Blood And A Giant Mountain Of Christian Corpses

By Theodore Shoebat Major neopagan leaders are declaring that they want to slaughter all Christians, to create a river of blood and a giant mountain of Christian corpses. I did a whole video on this evil: According to the report: The Metropolis of Piraeus of the Church of Greece made a special statement in connection […]

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U.S. MEDIA won’t tell you but Israeli Intelligence is what prevented a Paris-style terrorist bomb attack on a soccer stadium in Hanover, according to German reports

By BI: Israel helped thwart a major terror attack in the German city of Hanover last week, German media reported on Wednesday. According to Stern magazine, Israel offered crucial intelligence on an anticipated terror attack targeting the soccer match between Germany and Holland’s national teams. INN  Israeli intelligence provided German authorities with information about a planned bombing at the HDI Arena as early as last […]

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Homosexual Catholic Priest Sodomizes Two Hundred Men, And Some Of The Victims Are Even Children

By Theodore Shoebat Homosexuality and pedophilia are running rampant in the churches, both Catholic and Protestant. In one of the latest indications of this reality, a Catholic priest sodomized 200 men, and some of the victims were even children. Here is a video I made with lots of commentary on this evil and how to […]

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GERMANY: Far left ‘GREENS’ party politician is thrilled that the white population is being replaced by Muslims

By BI: It’s called “population replacement” otherwise known as white genocide and the German leaders have no one to blame but themselves. On the upside, this woman will look good in a burqa and down on her knees.

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SYRIAN Al-Qaeda affiliated rebel groups thank the Obama Regime, especially John McCain, for advanced missile systems

By BI: The Al-Nusra Front, Al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria, has released a grateful video, where they openly thank the Free Syrian Army (FSA), which the US has tried to pass off as a “moderate opposition group”, for supplying them with US-made anti-tank TOW missiles (Tube-launched, Optically tracked, Wire-guided). Yes, “moderate rebel factions such as the al-Qaeda-affiliated […]

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SHUT THE DOOR! Sweden has closed the floodgates to the endless tidal wave of illegal alien Muslim invaders…but it’s probably too late

By BI: ‘We simply can’t do any more,’ says the prime minister in announcing Sweden’s asylum policy will have to revert to the EU minimum rather than allowing in as many Middle Eastern and African Muslims as can get here. Sweden needs respite from the tens of thousands of Muslim freeloaders posing as refugees knocking at its door, […]

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VIOLENT ISLAMIC JIHAD CENTRAL: Not Syria, not Iraq…Belgium, yes, Antwerp, Belgium

By BI: Belgium is where the now dead, so-called ‘mastermind’ of the Paris attacks was based. This is Part 1 of an Israeli documentary from the same people who did an excellent exposé of the Muslim NO GO zones in Europe. Imagine what Belgium will be like when the Muslim majority takes over Brussels in about […]

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Muslims Who Are Working With Obama Are Now Systematically Destroying Churches. They Have Already Destroyed Three Churches And Will Continue To Destroy More

By Theodore Shoebat The Islamic government of Omar al-Bashir, who Obama works with and defends, is systematically destroying churches in Sudan. The Muslim sharia state has already destroyed three churches, and they will continue to destroy more. Tut Kony, pastor of the South Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church, said: We have been stoned and beaten. This […]

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Muslims Are Now Entering Refugee Camps, Pretending To Be Refugees, And Are Kidnapping Christian Girls In The Camps And Selling Them Into Sex Slavery

By Theodore Shoebat Christians are now avoiding the refugee camps because Muslim criminals are posing as refugees in order to steal Christian girls in the camps and selling them into sex slavery. According to the report: Immigration has been a hot debate topic in Washington DC, and even among 2016 presidential contenders. Many republicans have […]

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Muslim Rejects Islam And Declares That Christ Is His Savior, Muslims Ambush Him And Fill His Entire Body With Bullets

By Theodore Shoebat A Muslim man in Yemen rejected Islam and declared Christ to be his Savior. A group of Muslims ambushed him and filled his body with bullets. According to the report: Islamic extremists in Yemen have killed at least two Christian men in recent months because they abandoned Islam and embraced the Christian […]

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