Archive | November 16, 2015

The Government Of Poland Rebels Against The European Union And Declares That It Will Not Take In Any Of The Islamic Refugees. Poland Is A True Christian Nation!

By Theodore Shoebat  Poland is rebelling against the EU and declaring that it will not take in any of the Islamic refugees. According to one report: Poland’s government announced today that in the wake of the attacks on Paris, it will no longer participate in the EU’s resettlement plan for the thousands of refugees attempting […]

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The Governments Of Alabama, Florida, Texas, New Hampshire And Twelve Other States All Tell Obama: We Do Not Want Any Of The Islamic Immigrants Coming Into Our States

By Theodore Shoebat The governments of Alabama, Florida, Texas, New Hampshire, and sixteen other states have all told Obama that they do not want the Islamic immigrants coming into their states. The other states include, according to one report: Arizona Arkansas Illinois Indiana Louisiana Massachusetts Michigan Mississippi North Carolina Ohio Wisconsin I did a whole […]

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Putin Reveals That There Are Forty Nations That Are Supporting And Financing ISIS, And Numerous Of Them Are Members Of The G-20

By Theodore Shoebat Putin just revealed that there are actually forty nations that supporting and financing ISIS, and numerous of them are actually members of the G-20. I did a whole video showing Putin’s statements with my own commentary: According to one Russian report: President Vladimir Putin says he’s shared Russian intelligence data on Islamic […]

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Intelligence From The Middle East Reveal That 100,000 Muslim Terrorists Fighters Flooded Into Europe And Paris Is Simply The Tip Of The Iceberg

By Walid Shoebat Paris is simply the tip of the iceberg. Middle East intelligence reveal that at least 100,000 Muslim terrorists flooded Europe via Turkey. Tracking the hordes of Muslim immigrants into Europe has sparked questions as to who is sending them, where they come from and why they are flooding Europe? To answer this […]

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Donald Trump Declares That Mosques Need To Be Monitored And Closed Down In Order To Prevent Islamic Terrorism In America

By Theodore Shoebat Donald has declared that he would monitor the mosques in the US and he also said that the idea of shutting down the mosques needs to be “strongly considered,” but Trump does believe in shutting down the mosques because in one recent statement, made last month, he said that he would conduct […]

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