Archive | November 23, 2015

Satan Worshippers Attack Christian Pastor, Beat Him Over The Head And Light His Whole Body On Fire. They Find His Body Completely Scorched To Be A Pastor Is Very Dangerous

By Theodore Shoebat  The most dangerous place in the Western world to be a pastor is Mexico. Violence towards priests has increased by 400% in Mexico, since Nieto became president, and the violence is only getting more and more severe, worse than Iraq even. Another priest was murdered just a few days ago. Fr. Erastus Pliego […]

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VIDEO: Muslims Butcher Woman By Crushing Her To Death With Giant Rocks As She Screams In Agony

By Theodore Shoebat A video has come out showing Muslims in Afghanistan crushing a woman to death with giant rocks as she screams in agony. Here is the video: According to one report: A young Afghan woman who was married against her will has been stoned to death by extremists after she was caught eloping […]

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